Katie Price – Lie detector for Keiran

What happened to “don’t mess with the Pricey”?!

Pregnancy is a challenging time for any woman with hormones all over the place but add into the mix the stress of 2 people you are close to one being your husband betraying you and it takes thing to a whole new level.

Any woman is vulnerable when pregnant because she often naturally desires the support and comfort of the father of her unborn child whether he is a suitable partner or not. However it’s important not to lose sight of what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour in the contract of marriage.

The lie detector is all very well for Keiran to do, but where does Katie go from there?

Is she going to forgive him if the truth comes out in the lie detector?

Some women stay with their men after cheating because they don’t want anyone else to have them! They think that they are losing out if they let them go. In actual fact they are losing their self-respect to stay with them.

If someone comes clean after infidelity and is forgiven the message given, no matter what words are said, is that ‘I’ve talked them round before, I can do it again’.

For Katie to build her confidence and self worth back up the way is not to rely on anyone else to comfort her but to empower herself through separating herself from Keiran so that she can 100% on herself, her unborn child and her children.

Whilst her focus is on Keiran and what he has done and why; all her energy is negative and focusing outwards and not positive energy inwards to build her up.

Whilst her energy is outwards on Keiran she will be unable to make rational decisions about her life and future.

Katie is a strong independent woman and I really hope she chooses not to allow Keiran the power to break her.

Empowerment for Katie will come when she looks internally on how to be happy and content with herself both internally and externally, and when these two factors align she will draw positive people and experiences towards her.

Powerful Hypnosis and NLP techniques would assist her with regaining control of her life. If, you think I can help you please get in touch.

Is Jay Z Cheating on Beyonce? Body Language Exposed!

In light of the recent Beyonce, Solange and Jay Z scandal, I thought I’d explore their body language in photos.

What was interesting is that I was struggling to find any photos of Jay Z’s torso facing towards his beautiful wife. A face without the body facing shows a contradiction.

Interesting that the first photo shows them embracing on stage – Beyonce is stood grounded (almost wooden) and appearing confident fully facing her man, whilst he is almost stepping back, knees bent avoiding his groin area touching hers and his head and body are both turned away from her. His upper body has no poise or strength to it. It’s a very lazy, detached half hearted ‘hug’. Beyonce’s grip is on his arm, giving the illusion she is trying to pull him into her to strengthen the embrace, and she has a fixed forced smile, implying her pose is to give the impression of a strong bonded couple for the cameras.

Beyonce is very good at doing fake smiles for the camera, whereas Jay Z finds it difficult to hide his true feelings.

In the third photo even though they are clearly both not happy they are mirroring each others poses almost exactly, including facial expressions. This shows that they have a strong rapport and are deeply connected to each other on some level, meaning it will be difficult for these two to part, even if they would be better doing so.

Both of them are extremely strong, charismatic people however Jay Z’s gestures suggest that he is the more dominant of the two.

This couple seem to do a lot of face touching in photos and that is an intimate gesture implying there is a genuine love and fondness for each other, however in many of the photos Jay Z poses in quite a dismissive way (which many rappers do who rap about women as b*tches) which could be interpreted as arrogance. Beyonce seems to accept this, which implies…

…if he is womanizing she’s probably turning a blind eye to it.

The second photo shows Jay Z grabbing his wife’s face like you would a small child with full cheeks. This isn’t a tender face touch, he’s holding her jaw almost in a clamp. It’s an unconscious gesture to Beyonce to keep quiet! He’s mocking her, knowing that she likes to not show her true feelings in public.

She is uncomfortable with it because she’s not looking at his eyes or lips, she’s purposefully avoiding his gaze and looking at his neck. Her teeth are gritted, she’s tense and not relaxed. So there was some tension between them both before this picture was taken.

From reports it seems that her Dad was very controlling, and I wonder if Beyonce has found herself in a marriage with someone equally controlling?

Whatever happens lets hope they workthings out one way or another for their beautiful daughter Blue Ivy.

Bea meets Belle De Jour

I am still buzzing this weekend after meeting someone I highly respect and whom has been an incredible inspiration to me since I read her book ‘Belle De Jour The Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl’ almost 10 years ago – the one and only Doctor Brooke Magnati!

We talked for hours over lunch and wine, and we could have easily talked for hours more.

It is easy to see how Brooke made a hugely successful escort. She is warm, witty, confident but shy, sexy in an understated way – demure; she looks like butter wouldn’t melt, but has a naughty side, which you can see when she cocks her eye under her side fringe and gives a seductive little half smile.

Exchanging details about our lives both current and past and our views, it was fascinating to discover the similarities and the differences.

If she didn’t live so far away I think we’d definitely be having lots more lazy lunches.

Brooke personally signed my copy of Belle De Jour and I gave her a signed copy of my book The Girlfriend Experience. I hope she enjoys my book as much as I enjoyed hers!


Ladies Here’s how to do Understated Sexiness like Brooke:


  1. Wear slim fitting clothes but not skin tight
  2. No cleavage
  3. Wear hair down, natural looking – no straighteners, allow natural curls and waves
  4. Minimal natural make up
  5. Sexy underwear – allows you to project sexiness no matter what you wear externally
  6. Be coy and shy – not loud and ‘in your face’
  7. Be quietly confident – know your qualities and strengths
  8. Learn the art and power of the ‘cock eye’. My friend can pull any man from 100 feet with the cock eye – Look from his eyes down to his feet and flick your eyes back up to look under your lashes
  9. The half smile is very seductive – it implies ‘I’m thinking naughty thoughts’
  10. Don’t pose. Be natural


How to Push someone to Cheat

In light of the recent cheating celebrity scandals I thought I would shed some light on some of the reasons people cheat.

I want to highlight one of my favourite quotes by Buddha which is prevalent here:

‘We are shaped by our thoughts we become what we think.’

If we believe we are, too fat, too old, too skinny, then we make this so (in our mind), and project it so heavily to others that they can only focus on our beliefs too and it can eventually be true that they believe our insecurities.

By having these negative beliefs about yourself you are giving away your power, placing your partner at higher value than yourself and this increases your insecurity, is uncomfortable for them and pushes them away.

How to push someone to Cheat…

  1. Accuse them of it, constantly
  2. Tell them they fancy other people, be obsessively jealous of them looking at others of the same sex or engaging with them
  3. Moan to them about all the bits you don’t like about yourself physically
  4. Constantly put yourself down
  5. Constantly put them down
  6. Emotionally neglect them
  7. Physically neglect them
  8. Not listen to their needs in the relationship
  9. Not encouraging and facilitating quality time together
  10. Being indifferent to the relationship

All these things deflect people from you, so if you are in a relationship you are pushing them away.

I’m not suggesting that this means they will cheat, however if you do one or more of the above, you put the relationship at high risk of infidelity.

Do you want to empower yourself and let go of your insecurities? If so, get in touch with me today!


Kym Marsh Hits back at Stephanie Waring

Did Kym break any girl code?

The Daily Mail reports: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2614230/Kym-Marsh-hits-claims-relationship-Stephanie-Warings-ex-devastated-Hollyoaks-star-brands-heartless.html

I’m unsure if they were friends of acquaintances. Saying hi to each other at celeb parties and sending the odd text message isn’t what constitutes a friendship.

So what level, if any, of friendship is it ok to date their ex?

I think both parties should respect each other and at spend at least 2-3 months keeping a low profile if they feel a strong desire and connection for a friends ex. A true friend will put their friends feelings above their own during difficult times, so if you’re desiring their ex at this point, it doesn’t show good form, or integrity.

Once your friend is over their ex, if you still feel desire then the decent thing is to speak to them and explain how you feel. A true friend, will want you both to be happy, no matter how hard it is for them. Sensitivity is needed. Who should stand in the way of true love? There is no right or wronghere each persons situation is different, however….

10 Things to consider before dating a friends ex:

  1. How much do you value their friendship?
  2. If you had to make a choice out of your friend and their ex; who would you pick?
  3. Are they on the rebound?
  4. How would you feel if the roles were reversed?
  5. Did their family and friends really like your friend?
  6. How will this affect your relationship with them?
  7. If you knew that it wouldn’t last would you still make the same decision?
  8. Does it bother you being judged and do you care what others think?
  9. Are they more appealing because it’s considered a ‘bit naughty’?
  10. Who else will be affected by your decision?

If you face a similar dilemma please,  do get in touch so we can work out the best way forward for you…

Katie Price Should Take Full Responsibility for her Cheating Husband

I can only imagine the depth of grief and anger that Katie is feeling right now. The betrayal of two people you love and trust is tragic. Shame on them. Unfortunately the length of time someone has known you bears no relevance to his or her measure of trust and integrity. Some people have these traits as their core values and others not.

Some people are selfish and lose their self-respect by acting out of greed, jealousy, fear, desire for instant gratification or a mixture of these things.

Most of the decisions we make are fear driven; Fear of being hurt, fear of not living up to expectation of ourselves and of others, fear of being alone, fear of being unloved, fear of not being needed, fear of growing old to name but a few.

These are often emotions that we feel on a deep unconscious level, and are designed to protect us however they often do the opposite.

Fear has it’s place to be used in a positive way, however it mostly it is used with disastrous consequences. I work with people so that they use their fear in a positive way, which draws the right people into their lives.

 The way we regain power during a situation such as this is by taking 100% responsibility for what happened.

This might sound harsh however whilst the blame is on others it doesn’t allow us to deal with the situation or move on from the anger and hurt, we are putting our well being in control of others.

By taking full responsibility, we take full control of our lives and destiny.

Let me clarify that this does not mean that I advocate the behaviour of Keiran and Jane. What they have done is dispicable. However….

When we take responsibility for the people we draw into our lives and the consequences that result of that choice, we can heal and move on allowing us to grow as a person and become stronger.

In doing so, we make a choice to be a survivor and not a victim.

This allows us to forgive our self and others. It’s in the best interests of our well being to do so.

I would love to work with Katie, because I know, she has the strength to deal with this. If you have a similar dilemma, I am the person to help you, I can help you spring clean your social circle, attract the right people into your life, empower you and put you firmly back on the sadle in control of your life!

Although I don’t believe in God, I love this saying – God gives his hardest battles to his toughest soldiers

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New Photgraphs and Website

Last week I had a fabulous afternoon with Marcus Holdsworth shooting photographs for my new website.

It was all very British and twee, and we even had afternoon tea!

The new website and photographs will be coming soon, but here’s a little taster for now. Watch this space!

Blowjobs: Do Women enjoy performing Oral Sex?

To follow on from my feature as a Sexpert in Mays edition of FHM, here’s another Q& A in more detail…

What do men do wrong/what mistakes are they making to make it unpleasurable?

There is no set rule, some women enjoy it and some don’t. I’d say you’re more likely to get it if you give great oral sex to your woman. I don’t mean licking her for a bit and then sticking it in! I mean doing it how she likes it (not how you like it) and doing it for as long as it takes to make her come!

Mistakes men make is the number 1 turn off for a lot of women is the pushing the head down! Just because they do it in porn it doesn’t mean women like it! Let her go at her pace, guide her and encourage her when she gets it right.

Also shave, shave, shave!! No excuses. Most men like their women trimmed but don’t take care of their man garden. Balls should be shaved like chicken fillets and the rest of the hair trimmed! She’s far likely to go down on you if you’re neat and trimmed.

Some women avoid oral sex because they think their man will want to come in their mouth and they don’t like it. So it’s important that you let her know you aren’t going to surprise her. Ask her where she wants you to come, and make sure you can control yourself to oblige, then you’ll find she will do it for longer.

If you want to encourage her try dipping it in her favourite chocolate sauce or yoghurt!

More coming soon… excuse the pun lol

Wedding Bells! *I’m Away this Week*

Wedding bells will be ringing this weekend and I’m off to Italy today to join the celebrations!

It’s times like this that I really cherish my job. I love weddings, especially in the sunshine.

I will be out in the sticks but I will do my best to keep online.

Please bear with me if you contact me. I will get back to you as soon as possible. I am back in the country Tuesday 13th May.

Are you too Picky?

I wanted to reach out to those of you singletons who consider yourself ‘too fussy’ or others have labeled you this, however you are still pining for your ‘happy ever after’ with your perfect man/woman.

None of us are perfect and none of us are infallible, we are all unique.

The mistake many make is that they make their checklist so long for their perfect man/woman that it simply isn’t achievable.

Have you ever sat down and really thought about what is important to you what your core values are?

Core values are things that should be never compromised through your relationships, work or lifestyle. (they might be trust, integrity,

If you were to write your top 5 things off ‘your list’, how many of them are physical and how many are about personality?

If most of them are about looks then you have to consider where other like-minded individuals deem you… because those you deem not attractive you won’t be attracted to and visa versa.

The relationships you have won’t have any depth, which may suit you just fine, however the relationship may be at risk when the next attractive person comes along, who is deemed more attractive than you!

If we’re going to be really crass where do you truthfully see yourself on the scale of 1-10? 10 being ‘mega hot’, and where do you think others see you? There are plenty of websites for those who want to compare facial beauty.

See if you and other like-minded people deem you a 6, then clearly anything higher you are ‘punching above your weight’ as they say, and this is probably why you are single and will remain so.

My personal opinion based on my experiences when I was younger when others deemed my face ugly and socially unacceptable, is that I despise the whole concept of people rating each other on looks and relationships with no depth are not of any interest to me.

Those of you who have mostly personality traits as your top 5 things on your list are more likely to have stable, fulfilling relationships. It’s when your list is longer than 5 that there are problems.

Sometimes it seems that people actually want to date the male/female version of themselves!

Have you never heard of the Ying and Yang? People too alike clash. So don’t seek for people who would necessarily act the same way to you in a situation.

For example, someone impatient might have a moan at being in a queue too long, however a patient partner would calm that person down. The impatient person might be more spontaneous than the other so both bring different qualities to the table in the relationship.

It’s advantageous to have at least 3 none negotiables but a maximum of 5 on your list.

My Mum pointed out the other day that everyone nowadays expects sparks to fly immediately. As a nation with fast technology we increasingly more impatient. Judging someone on their first date isn’t an accurate picture of whether you are suited. They might have been incredibly nervous and not themselves, however on a second date more relaxed and you may feel more connected and attracted to them.

How do you know if you are too picky?

–       Your list is longer than 5

–       You judge people on their looks, and won’t go on a date unless you feel physically attracted to them

–       If you don’t connect on the first date you don’t see them again

–       You don’t go on many dates

–       Your friends tell you!

–       You have ended relationships for what others deem as silly reasons (see the photo below!)

If, you want to experience a fulfilling relationship, I can help you find the right person, clarify your core values and check congruency with what you offer and are looking for. This is something, we will work together on to allow you to experience dating success. Please do, get in touch via my contact form and start your journey to relationship happiness!