In light of the recent Beyonce, Solange and Jay Z scandal, I thought I’d explore their body language in photos.

What was interesting is that I was struggling to find any photos of Jay Z’s torso facing towards his beautiful wife. A face without the body facing shows a contradiction.

Interesting that the first photo shows them embracing on stage – Beyonce is stood grounded (almost wooden) and appearing confident fully facing her man, whilst he is almost stepping back, knees bent avoiding his groin area touching hers and his head and body are both turned away from her. His upper body has no poise or strength to it. It’s a very lazy, detached half hearted ‘hug’. Beyonce’s grip is on his arm, giving the illusion she is trying to pull him into her to strengthen the embrace, and she has a fixed forced smile, implying her pose is to give the impression of a strong bonded couple for the cameras.

Beyonce is very good at doing fake smiles for the camera, whereas Jay Z finds it difficult to hide his true feelings.

In the third photo even though they are clearly both not happy they are mirroring each others poses almost exactly, including facial expressions. This shows that they have a strong rapport and are deeply connected to each other on some level, meaning it will be difficult for these two to part, even if they would be better doing so.

Both of them are extremely strong, charismatic people however Jay Z’s gestures suggest that he is the more dominant of the two.

This couple seem to do a lot of face touching in photos and that is an intimate gesture implying there is a genuine love and fondness for each other, however in many of the photos Jay Z poses in quite a dismissive way (which many rappers do who rap about women as b*tches) which could be interpreted as arrogance. Beyonce seems to accept this, which implies…

…if he is womanizing she’s probably turning a blind eye to it.

The second photo shows Jay Z grabbing his wife’s face like you would a small child with full cheeks. This isn’t a tender face touch, he’s holding her jaw almost in a clamp. It’s an unconscious gesture to Beyonce to keep quiet! He’s mocking her, knowing that she likes to not show her true feelings in public.

She is uncomfortable with it because she’s not looking at his eyes or lips, she’s purposefully avoiding his gaze and looking at his neck. Her teeth are gritted, she’s tense and not relaxed. So there was some tension between them both before this picture was taken.

From reports it seems that her Dad was very controlling, and I wonder if Beyonce has found herself in a marriage with someone equally controlling?

Whatever happens lets hope they workthings out one way or another for their beautiful daughter Blue Ivy.