I can only imagine the depth of grief and anger that Katie is feeling right now. The betrayal of two people you love and trust is tragic. Shame on them. Unfortunately the length of time someone has known you bears no relevance to his or her measure of trust and integrity. Some people have these traits as their core values and others not.

Some people are selfish and lose their self-respect by acting out of greed, jealousy, fear, desire for instant gratification or a mixture of these things.

Most of the decisions we make are fear driven; Fear of being hurt, fear of not living up to expectation of ourselves and of others, fear of being alone, fear of being unloved, fear of not being needed, fear of growing old to name but a few.

These are often emotions that we feel on a deep unconscious level, and are designed to protect us however they often do the opposite.

Fear has it’s place to be used in a positive way, however it mostly it is used with disastrous consequences. I work with people so that they use their fear in a positive way, which draws the right people into their lives.

 The way we regain power during a situation such as this is by taking 100% responsibility for what happened.

This might sound harsh however whilst the blame is on others it doesn’t allow us to deal with the situation or move on from the anger and hurt, we are putting our well being in control of others.

By taking full responsibility, we take full control of our lives and destiny.

Let me clarify that this does not mean that I advocate the behaviour of Keiran and Jane. What they have done is dispicable. However….

When we take responsibility for the people we draw into our lives and the consequences that result of that choice, we can heal and move on allowing us to grow as a person and become stronger.

In doing so, we make a choice to be a survivor and not a victim.

This allows us to forgive our self and others. It’s in the best interests of our well being to do so.

I would love to work with Katie, because I know, she has the strength to deal with this. If you have a similar dilemma, I am the person to help you, I can help you spring clean your social circle, attract the right people into your life, empower you and put you firmly back on the sadle in control of your life!

Although I don’t believe in God, I love this saying – God gives his hardest battles to his toughest soldiers

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