In light of the recent cheating celebrity scandals I thought I would shed some light on some of the reasons people cheat.

I want to highlight one of my favourite quotes by Buddha which is prevalent here:

‘We are shaped by our thoughts we become what we think.’

If we believe we are, too fat, too old, too skinny, then we make this so (in our mind), and project it so heavily to others that they can only focus on our beliefs too and it can eventually be true that they believe our insecurities.

By having these negative beliefs about yourself you are giving away your power, placing your partner at higher value than yourself and this increases your insecurity, is uncomfortable for them and pushes them away.

How to push someone to Cheat…

  1. Accuse them of it, constantly
  2. Tell them they fancy other people, be obsessively jealous of them looking at others of the same sex or engaging with them
  3. Moan to them about all the bits you don’t like about yourself physically
  4. Constantly put yourself down
  5. Constantly put them down
  6. Emotionally neglect them
  7. Physically neglect them
  8. Not listen to their needs in the relationship
  9. Not encouraging and facilitating quality time together
  10. Being indifferent to the relationship

All these things deflect people from you, so if you are in a relationship you are pushing them away.

I’m not suggesting that this means they will cheat, however if you do one or more of the above, you put the relationship at high risk of infidelity.

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