What happened to “don’t mess with the Pricey”?!

Pregnancy is a challenging time for any woman with hormones all over the place but add into the mix the stress of 2 people you are close to one being your husband betraying you and it takes thing to a whole new level.

Any woman is vulnerable when pregnant because she often naturally desires the support and comfort of the father of her unborn child whether he is a suitable partner or not. However it’s important not to lose sight of what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour in the contract of marriage.

The lie detector is all very well for Keiran to do, but where does Katie go from there?

Is she going to forgive him if the truth comes out in the lie detector?

Some women stay with their men after cheating because they don’t want anyone else to have them! They think that they are losing out if they let them go. In actual fact they are losing their self-respect to stay with them.

If someone comes clean after infidelity and is forgiven the message given, no matter what words are said, is that ‘I’ve talked them round before, I can do it again’.

For Katie to build her confidence and self worth back up the way is not to rely on anyone else to comfort her but to empower herself through separating herself from Keiran so that she can 100% on herself, her unborn child and her children.

Whilst her focus is on Keiran and what he has done and why; all her energy is negative and focusing outwards and not positive energy inwards to build her up.

Whilst her energy is outwards on Keiran she will be unable to make rational decisions about her life and future.

Katie is a strong independent woman and I really hope she chooses not to allow Keiran the power to break her.

Empowerment for Katie will come when she looks internally on how to be happy and content with herself both internally and externally, and when these two factors align she will draw positive people and experiences towards her.

Powerful Hypnosis and NLP techniques would assist her with regaining control of her life. If, you think I can help you please get in touch.