I am still buzzing this weekend after meeting someone I highly respect and whom has been an incredible inspiration to me since I read her book ‘Belle De Jour The Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl’ almost 10 years ago – the one and only Doctor Brooke Magnati!

We talked for hours over lunch and wine, and we could have easily talked for hours more.

It is easy to see how Brooke made a hugely successful escort. She is warm, witty, confident but shy, sexy in an understated way – demure; she looks like butter wouldn’t melt, but has a naughty side, which you can see when she cocks her eye under her side fringe and gives a seductive little half smile.

Exchanging details about our lives both current and past and our views, it was fascinating to discover the similarities and the differences.

If she didn’t live so far away I think we’d definitely be having lots more lazy lunches.

Brooke personally signed my copy of Belle De Jour and I gave her a signed copy of my book The Girlfriend Experience. I hope she enjoys my book as much as I enjoyed hers!


Ladies Here’s how to do Understated Sexiness like Brooke:


  1. Wear slim fitting clothes but not skin tight
  2. No cleavage
  3. Wear hair down, natural looking – no straighteners, allow natural curls and waves
  4. Minimal natural make up
  5. Sexy underwear – allows you to project sexiness no matter what you wear externally
  6. Be coy and shy – not loud and ‘in your face’
  7. Be quietly confident – know your qualities and strengths
  8. Learn the art and power of the ‘cock eye’. My friend can pull any man from 100 feet with the cock eye – Look from his eyes down to his feet and flick your eyes back up to look under your lashes
  9. The half smile is very seductive – it implies ‘I’m thinking naughty thoughts’
  10. Don’t pose. Be natural