The power of Embedded Commands…

An embedded command for those of you who don’t know is a command in disguise, I suppose like Derren Brown. It’s a command that the unconscious mind picks up on and follows without you realizing it.

It’s a powerful technique and one I used to great effect last week.

Bear with me on this one, because I will relate it to dating….

I was searching for a new phone contract and ended up calling my current provider after shopping around for the best deals. My current provider could not beat the deals I was being offered, and gave me a final offer telling me that was the best they could do and they would be sorry to see me go.

The next day I decided I would call them back and use embedded commands. In an embedded command you shift the pause (comma) in the sentence so that it sounds different and all the command words are separate from the rest. For example, these are some that I used…

How you would normally say it without thinking about embedded commands is this:

I know you want me to stay with X, and I would love it if you would make it possible.

Here’s how you say it with embedded commands (the commands are in blue, and don’t forget to pause at every comma, as this is the key!):

I know, you want me to stay with X, and I would love it if, you will make it possible.


Grammatically it’s incorrect, however the second one is a powerful message to the receiver’s subconscious.

I know that you can work out how you can offer me your best tariff, and make it a no brainer offer for me to stay with you!

I know that, you can work out how you can offer me your best tariff, so that, it is a no brainer for me to stay with you!

Needless to say when I used various embedded commands, combined with my skills at building rapport, asking his name and using it, I got an offer that blew the other companies deal out of the water!

The power of persuasion; It is powerful stuff!

It sounds weird when you first start doing it, because you’re consciously saying something in a certain way, however to build comfort why not try it on people you know, family and friends and see what you can get them to do, through the power of suggestion.


It could be:

I know that, you are feeling thirsty right now, and, you would like to make me a cup of tea


Why not try it for dating and asking the guy/girl out?

Bear in mind that although it may work on a stranger you will have more success with someone you know likes you…

“Hey we should go out sometime…

I know that, you would like to go out for a drink with me, and, it will be fun, because, you enjoy my company… where shall we, meet on Friday?”

Try it and have some fun with it!


If you want to learn more powerful persuasion skills and for me to tailor them to your personal situation, then please get in touch via my contact form.