Celebrity Couples: Ok Magasine report that ‘Madly in love’ @millsmackintosh shows off engagement ring directly from Paris.

Ok Magasine report that ‘Madly in love’ @millsmackintosh shows off engagement ring directly from Paris.

I adore this couple, it’s as though they are in their own little world. They are completely wrapped up in each other. From many of their photographs they appear to be best friends too, which is a good solid base for a marriage.

These two pictures particularly are of interest to me and to me they really show what this well suited couple is all about….

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Celebrity Couples: Sneak-peek snap of relationship between Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright

As Ok magasine report on Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright’s pizza in date night I wanted to take a look in a little more detail and this stunning looking couple.

Mark aside from being dashingly good looking is a very dominant alpha male, which is very appealing to women especially because he combines this with a softer side and is very openly affectionate.

Michelle is a stunning, down to earth, confident northern lass (my kind of girl!)  You can see that she won’t put up with any of Mark’s crap so he definitely respects her. Although from dating The Wanted’s Max you can see that she does like a bit of ‘bad boy’. However it’s about getting that balance. I’ve discussed why women go for bad boys here… http://dating-advice-for-men-bad-boys-verses-nice-guys/

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This Morning – Affairs Who’s to Blame?

This Morning ran an interesting debate yesterday in light of Grant Bovey’s affair about whether Anthea Turner was to blame for his infidelity and if in general women are to blame for their men’s infidelity. In some cases yes women are to blame.

Uk viewers can watch the clip (for a limited time) here: http://www.itv.com/thismorning/life/should-woman-ever-take-blame-for-husbands-affair/

This couple are not a great example to use for this debate, as I’ve already discussed their relationship here… http://www.infidelityexpert.co.uk/infidelity/anthea-turner-and-grant-bovey-break-up/

They were both married when they got together. The only reason that Anthea is accepting responsibility is because of guilt. She publically initially when he cheated said that she now knew how ‘the other woman’ felt. These are two people that haven’t a clue about fidelity!

My opinion is this – whilst Angela Epinstein makes some great valid points, I am tired of hearing that men cannot help their cheating ‘it’s in their DNA’ from caveman times. We have evolved as human beings and are no longer in cave men times; in the Uk we are not in a society where we are forced into marriage. By giving this excuse it really is giving men a green light to cheat and leading them to believe that they don’t have to take responsibility for their choices and actions. Read more

Infidelity Expert Advice – Why Dancing On Ice and Strictly Come Dancing Stars End up in Relationships With Their Dance Partners

So why do Dancing On Ice and Strictly Come Dancing Stars end up in relationships with their dance partners?

With Latin American dances like Mambo, which is sensual and emotional, Cha Cha that’s lively and flirtatious and full of passion and energy, the sensual, powerful Tango, and the romantic, sensual Rumba, it’s hardly surprising that sparks fly between dancing partners.

In fact for the performances to be believed, and the high scores achieved, like actors, the performers have to fully immerse themselves in their role, and for these dances or dances inspired by them, it is the roll of a lover.

Many famous actors and actresses have fallen in love through playing roles as lovers; Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn in the 80’s film Swing Shift, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton famously met on Cleopatra and more recently Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie got together on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

In ice skating many of the dances and performances are inspired by ballroom dancing. However with any type of dancing with a partner connection and rapport are essential.

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