As Ok magasine report on Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright’s pizza in date night I wanted to take a look in a little more detail and this stunning looking couple.

Mark aside from being dashingly good looking is a very dominant alpha male, which is very appealing to women especially because he combines this with a softer side and is very openly affectionate.

Michelle is a stunning, down to earth, confident northern lass (my kind of girl!)  You can see that she won’t put up with any of Mark’s crap so he definitely respects her. Although from dating The Wanted’s Max you can see that she does like a bit of ‘bad boy’. However it’s about getting that balance. I’ve discussed why women go for bad boys here… http://dating-advice-for-men-bad-boys-verses-nice-guys/

Mark is smitten by Michelle – you can tell by their body language. He is assertive and dominant and is often pictured with his hand on top leading Michelle. Michelle is submissive to him and happy for him to take the lead. She seems equally smitten however she didn’t have a break from her last relationship, she went straight into a relationship with Mark so the danger is that it all might get too much too soon for her.

Mark could end up pushing her away if he gets too full on. He realizes he’s got a real catch here and so he’s desperate to keep her. There’s been rumours that he’s feeling insecure and worrying about Michelle going back to her ex Max however if this is true he needs to be careful because if he’s thinking like this he’ll unconsciously push her away by being too clingy, needy and desperate – not a familiar or comfortable feeling for him.

He’s used to being in control and if he feels he’s losing it he will be feeling insecure, however this is what will push Michelle away. She’s attracted to him being secure, confident and dominant.

Couples that are full of sexual energy want to make sure as many parts of their body are in contact. This can be seen here when Mark his arm around Michelle but she has her arm up and he’s clasping her hand as well as putting his hand around her shoulder. They are connected at the hip and walking in complete synch. She’s looking at his lips; which shows sexual desire.

If Mark can keep his cool and keep things at a comfortable pace then I believe that this uber attractive couple will last the distance.