According to a report in the Daily Mail, women who wear red in their online dating profile photos are likely to get more messages and dates than those wearing any other colour, a new book reveals.

So if women should wear red what colours should men wear for their profiles?

Well it depends on what trait of their personality they want to portray…


Black is seen as the colour of power, authority and wealth. It’s favourable in fashion because it appears to make people slimmer. Black in clothing is considered classy for example; black tie attire and the women’s LBD (little black dress).


White symbolises purity and innocence, which is why it’s used for bridal gowns. However I’m not sure this is the same for men wearing white!


Blue is seen as peaceful and tranquil as it’s the colour of the ocean and sky. It’s also a colour that makes the body produce calming chemicals. Blue is also supposed to symbolise loyalty, creativity and intelligence so it would be a great colour for you guys to wear.


Green symbolizes nature and it’s very easy on the eye. It’s both calming and refreshing – hence why people sit in the green room to relax whilst waiting to go on TV. A dark green colour is seen as masculine and conservative and it’s associated with the military, money and finance. It also implies wealth and fertility.


Yellow is an attention grabber as it’s bright and cheerful. It takes a confident man to wear a colour so bright. It implies a cheerful outlook on life and someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously. However it can be over powering and can be difficult for the eyes to take in, however it is seen as tropical and carefree.


Purple is the colour of royalty. It suggests luxury, wealth, and sophistication.


Brown being the colour earth implies solidity and reliability. Light brown is seen to imply genuineness. Brown is a colour that men often seem to prefer.

My top 4 colours I would recommend to wear for photos on online dating websites are Black, Blue, Green and Purple

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