Dating Advice For Men – You Have A Date Coming Up, How Often do you text/call Prior to the Date?

So your dates a week away, do you call/text? And how often?

It’s good to be aware of the vibe and your connection. Sometimes when people are so focused on what they want to say, or what to say next they miss the chemistry/connection or lack of it. When you are speaking focus on what the person is saying and how they are saying it, try and analyze their voice, how does it sound? Is conversation easy? Is it flowing or hard work?

Does she sound, nervous, excitable, happy, friendly, bored, interested, pissed off (have you touched a nerve?), rushed (bad time?), non communicative?

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Dating Advice – So You have her Phone Number, Now What do You do?

Do you do the 3 day rule? Message her straight away? It’s a minefield! Lol no, seriously, if the connection is there you shouldn’t be playing games.

I think to message someone within 24 hours of having their number, shows assertiveness and genuine interest. If that puts someone off, then chances are they are the game playing type, and is that what you really want?

My girlfriends top ‘bug bears’ when people take their number is the text message, ‘is it ok to call?’ Or ‘when is it convenient to call?

Guys think they are being considerate but actually they are being indecisive and it show lack of assertiveness.

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How To Overcome Fear of Sexual Inexperience, Not Being Good Enough & Rejection – Dating Advice For Men

One of my recent blog posts I discussed how we can’t keep doing the same things and expect different results.

So what’s holding YOU back? Is it confidence? If so what are YOU doing to build it?

This could be lack of confidence due to lack of experience in the bedroom, lack of confidence due to not feeling good enough, lack of confidence because of fear of rejection…. The list is endless.

Confidence is one of the main things I can help you with on a One to One Session, because it’s not your lack of experience in the bedroom, or not actually being good enough, it’s your perception that this is what makes YOU undesirable, not actually what others think of you.

Here’s the thing if I met a guy who was inexperienced in bed I’d think ‘great!’ Someone I can teach to be an amazing lover! Who isn’t stuck in his ways and thinks he’s great in bed when he isn’t. There’s this misconception that people that have a lot of sex must be very good at it – wrong! ……

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