What can I say? Lol 🙂

When NOTW came forward although it wasn’t my first choice, I did think it would be good advertising for the book.

Of course I knew what they would do – sensationalise my story and make it sound as shocking as possible and my job as sleazy as possible.

It wasn’t nice to read but it could have been worse. They took one sentence from one part of my book and put it next to another sentence to create a very different meaning. They painted my life as an escort as something that I was ashamed of, which is totally untrue, and they used the worst photos they could find!

The only interview I actually had with them was the one on their website that was filmed. The rest of the article they made up, loosly based on what was in the book.

My friends seemed to love the article saying that if they didn’t know me they would want to buy the book, and that’s why I did it – to promote my book.

One friend rightly pointed out that most authors would kill for that sort of publicity and another said a double middle page spread in any sort of national newspaper would be worth thousands of pounds.