In light of Cameron Diaz’s new film, The Other Woman her opinion was recently debated on This Morning

Following comments in the media from Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz that we are ‘born to cheat’, This Morning debated the issue with a little help from Catherine Cooper and Louise Van Der Velde .


Holly Willoughby revealed some shocking statistics on cheating.


Research shows that 60% of men and 40% of women will cheat on their partners at some stage during their marriage, and that 50% of marriages that end in divorce are due to infidelity.’

As an Infidelity Expert I think this debate is nonsensical and ridiculous.

How can we be born or not born to cheat? Cheating is a lifestyle choice, as is the type of relationship we choose to have whether it’s monogamous or polyamorous.

What is important and respectful is that you agree relationship terms before you enter into a relationship, whether it’s an open one or not.

There is no right or wrong between consenting adults. People should not feel the need to conform to what they believe society expects of them… monogamous relationships, marriage etc..

It’s really very simple if you want sex with multiple partners, find someone else who wants the same and if you want to have one special person find some one, who wants the same, don’t enter into a monogamous relationship and then cheat; blaming it on the, ‘we were born to cheat’. Codswallop!

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