I don’t have any sympathy with this couple. Anthea was having an affair with Grant when they were both in relationships. I’m a firm believer in Kama and don’t believe anything good comes of relationships that are born out of deceit and infidelity. Even if they last I believe that there’s always a price to pay in some form at some point in the relationship; it could be that one or both aren’t happy, one or both have another affair, maybe there’s a serious illness, unable to have children or maybe one ends up with a drinking or gambling problem.

Anthea seems to be milking the break up and saying that now she understands how Grants ex wife felt. I don’t know how she has the audacity to be speaking out in interviews. Why is she not ashamed and humiliated realizing that last time she was ‘the other woman’ and hiding her head in the sand? Instead she’s bold as brass telling the world how she can never trust him again! She couldn’t trust him from the start and him not her. Without trust in a relationship you have nothing but a superficial relationship possibly based on convenience and/or lust.

Many people think that when they start a relationship based on an illicit affair that it won’t happen to them… well there is a strong possibility that it will, because if that person is someone who chooses not to end a relationship and cheat then there’s always going to be the chance the same cycle will happen again.

It reminds me of when Ruth and Eamonn interviewed me for This Morning, and I regretfully didn’t do my ‘homework’ because I had Ruth ‘not judging’ me (looking stiff and shaking her head twitchily), who was sooooo judging me, asking me if I felt guilty having sex with married men. What I didn’t realize at the time was that she was having sex with Eamonn when he was married, and ultimately Eamonn split from his wife to be with Ruth. How dare she sit and judge me. At least the guys I saw when I was escorting didn’t get entangled in an emotional affair, they went back to their wives. I’m not saying it’s ok what they were doing, it’s still cheating, but they were the ones in a relationship/marriage and not me – it was their life, and their choices.

For those that call me a hypocrite, I’ve felt this way since school, I never blame the other person. If I am in a relationship and my man cheated it would be him I was angry at, not the other woman, because if my man loved me he would be strong enough to turn down advances from other women. So if I wasn’t partially to blame and also angry at myself, he’d be out of the door like a shot if he’d cheated in any capacity. Women blaming the other women are taking the responsibility away from their men for their infidelity, and with this happening so often (e.g cheating footballers) it’s no wonder men have the green light to stray, because they know that they can get away with it.