Your opening gambit (what people see with your photo): If you get it wrong  people won’t even read your profile. Make it interesting, fun and/or intriguing people will read on.

Examples of good:

Every woman deserves to be treated like a lady & hopefully I can find my lady here…’ Shows a good upbringing and respect for women

Romantic, fun loving guy looking for his soul mate’ Key words women look for

‘There are 3.3 Billion women in the world and I’m looking for one!’ Thoughtful and interesting, shows he seriously is looking for his soul mate and commitment – rather than serial dating.

Fancy going halves on some adventures? Fun and interesting, he/she’s looking for a partner and a friend as well as romance.

Positive, energetic, spontaneous, smiley bloke, seeks creative, fun girl.

Opening gambit laying all cards on the table, what he offers and what he’s looking for.

Think Like a Man of Action, Act Like a Man Of Thought.This implies an ability to adapt from dominating alpha male, to caring companion.


Examples of bad:

‘Would like to meet interesting women, and see where things go..’ It’s dull and generic – sounds like a guy with no balls.

‘An average kind of chap who is reliable and committed to the concept of fidelity.’ Average is not interesting, and there’s no hint of excitement or adventure. This sentence implies someone who would not be proactive or spontaneous.

‘I’m an easy going and sociable guy. I like doing things with my evenings but sometimes like to just watch a film Yawn. Yes who doesn’t like ‘doing things’ in the evening? It’s dull and generic. He sounds a bore.

I work in IT. Love going out with friends.’ Working in IT is not something to brag about. It’s a respectable well-paid job but like it or not it is stereo typed. People in IT can ‘sometimes’ lack social skills, hence why it’s not a good first sentence. Who doesn’t like going out with friends? The intro is implying he/she fits the stereo-type.

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