With over 1000 dates worth of experience how to build rapport with people, make them feel comfortable quickly, engage in stimulating conversation, flirt, show attraction and read the signs, to keep them coming back for more.


Almost 20 years in the sex industry as a glamour model, dancer, escort and currently Sexpert gives me plenty of hands on experience when it comes to the sex and intimacy side of things.


My experience means that I understand how to bridge that gap and help couples communicate, compromise and care so they can see how to have mutually fulfilling relationships.

So why me?

There are so many sex, dating and relationship experts out there, many of whom I highly respect. So it really is all down to you!

You have the choice to pick the person to work with that is right for you. It’s a case of ‘suck it and see’ as my Granny would say. I know what some of you are thinking… naughty! No seriously… We all have a different skill set and different experiences to bring to the table, so see who you resonate with.

I relate well to people because I’ve had my own personal struggles and challenges and I will always be open and honest about that, as it’s these experiences that have bought me to where I am now and allow me the insight and compassion to help others.



It has been quite a journey since I finished my escort work and for a few years I was lost, lacked confidence and didn’t realise my own value/worth.

I have literally transformed my life by using my own therapy skills on myself, combined with working with other therapists, and the results have been mind-blowing. I let go of all the limiting beliefs, fears and negative behaviours I had, that affected my relationships (with myself, family, friends, partners and business associates), the beliefs that then had a knock-on effect on my business and ultimately well-being.

I had been affected for years by my mental health – panic attacks, skin picking, BDD, depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, all things I now know how to manage and some have even completely been eliminated. So if you’re personally affected by any of the above, know that I get it, and I understand how these things can affect your life and I can help you move forwards in your relationships, as I have been there.

Public speaking is something I have started and it’s something I had a genuine fear of a few years ago. Now my business and relationships have gone from strength to strength.

This is why I want to share what I have learnt to help others because I can honestly say I have never felt happier, calmer, contented, alive and energised.

So if you’re feeling in that fed up frustrated place, where you are unhappy in your life, you can’t see how things can get better, (and you’re ready to fully commit the time and energy into change and transformation) get in touch.

I personally invite YOU to allow me to work with you to show you how to create the life that you want and the happiness and fulfilment that you deserve in your relationships.

Contact me today to find out how I can help you!