Dating Advice: Can I Kiss You?

Can I kiss you?

You don’t ask you just do, when the mutual chemistry and desire is there. And if you get rejected – it’s her loss!

This blog has been inspired by one of my girlfriends. She had been on a few dates with this guy and wasn’t sure if she fancied him but knew there was something there. He dropped a few hints about being invited in for coffee and eventually because he wasn’t sure how she felt he asked her if he could kiss her. This immediately killed the moment, and any spontaneity and made my friend feel uncomfortable. She mumbled a ‘no’ because she was so embarrassed, then he said, “Can I at least have a hug?” Awkward!

She admitted that if he had been assertive enough to just go for it, she would have kissed him.

To ask for permission means that you obviously don’t think it’s the right time.

Guys you might think you’re coming across as ‘caring about her feelings’ and not wanting to ‘make her feel uncomfortable’ but it’s the opposite it makes someone feel uncomfortable and you come across as though you are unsure of yourself, unconfident, weak, fearful (of rejection); none of which are attractive to women.

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The Daily Mail online Reply to Readers…

Dear readers,

Wow I wasn’t expecting so many people to take the time to reply to my article. Thank you! I don’t know where the 900 men came from but I guess it makes the article stand out! I have been on around that many dates, but most of my business was from regulars, so this isn’t accurate.

For those that have written kind messages of support and have emailed me privately, my thanks to you for having an open mind and not judging me.

Many people are quick to judge, as we see here. However what I find of interest is the term prostitute. Have people considered that to put a value on sex is not shameful it is showing a level of self-respect. And that’s not to say that those that don’t charge for it don’t have that, but for those being promiscuous I think it’s pretty savvy to make money from sex and a hell of a lot safer!

In The Girlfriend Experience I discuss how many girls and guys go out at a weekend get incredibly drunk and go to their home and sleep with a stranger, a choice they are making because they are intoxicated. This is incredibly dangerous.

I used to tell my parents where I was, who I was with and when I would be back. I’d stay at hotels where people had to provide the hotel with a credit card to secure their stay. I’d be seen by security cameras and hotel staff going in and out of the hotel, yet drunken women leave their friends on a night out, don’t tell anyone where they are going and sleep with a random stranger and come morning they can’t remember if they had sex or not. I would have a civilized meal and drink with a gentleman and then have private time with them.

So if you had to pick, who should feel shameful?

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The Girlfriend Experience: Feedback from across the pond

Today I’d like to share with you a lovely email  received from an escort in America…

She also was kind enough to write me a review here for I love to hear feedback on my book especially when it’s positive lol. When people take the time to email me personally it’s always appreciated.

“Thank you so much for writing your book! I particularly love the chapters about your early childhood because I can related to being the odd one out.

Although it may not have been your intention it did make me feel much better about my decision to become an escort after studying in Paris and then graduating from Columbia.

I hope my amazon review helps you get more press. You truly are incredible and your book is easily one of my favorites.

Do you think it would be possible to be studying in Paris or back at school and columbia and be an escort? I am 19 and I know you think that is too young, but like you I enjoy meeting people, putting them at ease and of course sex and see no reason as to why I should not be paid for it.

Thank you again for your book. It is the best of it’s kind and made me feel like I know you personally.”