Dear readers,

Wow I wasn’t expecting so many people to take the time to reply to my article. Thank you! I don’t know where the 900 men came from but I guess it makes the article stand out! I have been on around that many dates, but most of my business was from regulars, so this isn’t accurate.

For those that have written kind messages of support and have emailed me privately, my thanks to you for having an open mind and not judging me.

Many people are quick to judge, as we see here. However what I find of interest is the term prostitute. Have people considered that to put a value on sex is not shameful it is showing a level of self-respect. And that’s not to say that those that don’t charge for it don’t have that, but for those being promiscuous I think it’s pretty savvy to make money from sex and a hell of a lot safer!

In The Girlfriend Experience I discuss how many girls and guys go out at a weekend get incredibly drunk and go to their home and sleep with a stranger, a choice they are making because they are intoxicated. This is incredibly dangerous.

I used to tell my parents where I was, who I was with and when I would be back. I’d stay at hotels where people had to provide the hotel with a credit card to secure their stay. I’d be seen by security cameras and hotel staff going in and out of the hotel, yet drunken women leave their friends on a night out, don’t tell anyone where they are going and sleep with a random stranger and come morning they can’t remember if they had sex or not. I would have a civilized meal and drink with a gentleman and then have private time with them.

So if you had to pick, who should feel shameful?

If I felt shame I would not have written a book about my experiences nor allowed myself to be interviewed. I have no regrets and am extremely fortunate to have such loyal and amazing friends and a family that love me and accept me for who I am.

My parents are not proud of me working as an escort, however I know they are proud of me as a person. My Mum even wrote her thoughts about having a daughter that worked as an escort in my book, as did my brothers and other various family members.

To all my haters, thank you! Although the comments are all predictably cliché; I am flattered, that your feelings for me and my life have been so strong that you have taken time out of your day to share your thoughts. I wonder if I would find your life as interesting to even evoke any level of feelings negative or positive? I’ve had a pretty thick skin since high school, so I don’t waste my energy on being bothered by negative people. I’d go so far as to say I find the negative comments mildly amusing and I’m genuinely flattered that I get under so many peoples skin.

I can only assume that to be so judgmental and have so much distain,  your lives must be rather empty and very sad. Sexually frustrated perhaps?

Those that are making comments on how I look shame on you, for being so shallow to judge me based on how I look. I pity your ignorance. I never profess to be beautiful, I’m somewhat an acquired taste, a bit like marmite! The thing is the comments  about my appearance say more about the people that wrote them than they do of me. In my eyes there is no such thing as people being physically ugly – only people ugly on the inside, and to be calling people ugly, shows that these people are exactly that.

For those that call me a hypocrite if my man cheated on me with an escort I wouldn’t blame the escort, I would blame my man and/or myself, and whether I stayed with him would depend if whether his infidelity was partly my fault. If it wasn’t he’d be gone, and I’d consider that whoever he cheated with did me a favour by showing me his true colours.

I am going to go out on a limb here because I know that many people won’t agree but in some respects I see myself as a feminist. I am not going to give men the easy option of blaming the other woman for their infidelity like many women do. Blaming the other woman is a cop out. The only time I would be mad also at the woman is if the woman my partner cheated with was a friend or family member and I would be equally mad at both, more so if it was a blood relative.

I have always felt this way since school. I could never understand how when a girl got cheated on she went for the other girl. Don’t people get it? It’s taking the responsibiltity and blame away from the men, and it’s wrong! As an escort I wasn’t in the relationship, I wasn’t cheating, and you have to remember that there are women that are thankful that escorts are around to sleep with their husbands, because they don’t want to! Obviously this is not the case for everyone, but it isn’t black and white.

Talking of black and white …. Is prostitution black and white? What about….

–       The wannabe WAGS who hang around clubs and bars looking for footballers to take care of them financially

–       The secretary that sleeps with her boss

–       The girls who sleep with producers and directors to get parts on TV or film

–       The wife that withholds sex from her husband when she’s angry and rewards him with sex when she’s happy

–       The wife/Girlfriend who accepts expensive gifts after a row or to compensate for not spending time with each other

–       The sugar daddy/sugar baby arrangement

–       The wannabe girlfriends who hang around DJ’s and club owners

–       The ladies who want to date someone rich so they can be looked after

–       The wives that stay married to a man they don’t love for a lifestyle

–       The women who target married men for sex and affairs, specifically not wanting to date anyone available

–       The girls letting guys buy drinks for them when they are out partying at a weekend and then having sex with them

–       The women targetting celebrities to have sex with and then selling their story for money

Just some food for thought…. I welcome your comments and feedback on my blog

Best wishes, Rebecca

P.S for those doubting my intelligence; the fact I’ve written a book and done numerous interviews about escorting – let me educate you. Escorting is a legal profession in the Uk, and I was a self employed escort that paid my taxes! Those concerned about my love life, need not worry, I’m very happy 🙂