Rebecca Dakin, Dating advice for men: Here’s how not to do it….

1. Peacocking (wearing an outrageous prop eg; pink tie, bright green cowboy hat) works but you have to have the confidence to back it up. The hat wasn’t a strong peacocking prop because it was a dull colour and looked non descript if it was pink, then that would have been 🙂

2. His lack of confidence was the first thing I noticed and he needs to build that to be able to sarge (approach and ‘pull’ women) successfully. This can come in a number of ways, firstly I would do sessions with Dan to find out what he believes his value to be as a human being, so he can practice his DHV’s (demonstrating higher value). You have to believe that you have something to offer the opposite sex, and from Dan’s lack of confidence his attributes need nailing first, and he needs to be aware of them, before he goes out in the field. Then I would take him out to give him a make over… clothes/style/hair. You have to look the part, because if you look the part it’s easier to act the part and he will gain some confidence from a style change.

3. To start negging (back handed compliment – I don’t like these but they can work) right at the start when you haven’t made a confident approach is a big no no. Women can sense when there’s no confidence behind words. If a guy approached me the way Dan did, I’d be off on the first neg, thinking he was a weirdo.

4. He sounded insincere, which is due to lack of confidence. The whole thing was really forced and it didn’t come naturally to him. I would work with him by getting him to think about men who he admired and respected and the reasons why. Then we would analyze their success with women, and see what he could learn from them.

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When you approach a woman…

Women hate to be put on the spot or to feel that they can’t get away.  You want to leave her with a short powerful impression so that she is left intrigued. You also want to let her know that you fancy her, so you say “anyway I have to dash, great meeting you, I had to say hi because you look “insert appropriate adjective” hot, beautiful, gorgeous, lovely smile etc… NOT ‘great tits, nice ass etc… lol.  ‘Here’s my number if you fancy having a coffee some time. I’d love to hear from you. Have a great day/evening.’

If you don’t have the balls to carry on the conversation after your initial opener you politely walk away saying it was great to meet you, ‘insert name’ you look amazing and I had to come and say hi. next time you see her, you already know her name and can start the hello ‘insert name’ how are you? You have made that initial contact.

NB: If you want to get good at waffling, find a bunch of women and listen to what we talk about. We could talk for an hour about the prices of peas! Learn from the masters of small talk!