Husbands booking escorts… is it straying?

I had an interesting conversation with a guy in the escort business the other day. I was discussing my new book ‘Why Husbands Stray’, and he said to me ‘well it’s not straying’ meaning guys booking escorts, and his reason was because it wasn’t an affair! His views are what a lot of men believe. Any extra marital intimacy whether it is with an escort, one night stand or in an affair, IS straying and IS cheating.

If you guys are in any doubt, put yourselves in your wives shoes…. how would you feel if she did the same – booked an escort?  Also receiving oral sex from another woman, IS cheating. Guys reason that because they are not actually ‘doing’ anything (in their minds anyway… I beg to differ, ejaculating in a lady’s mouth IS doing something ;-p) that they are not cheating. You are getting sexual gratification from another woman. So yes it’s cheating.

People come up with ridiculous, nonsensical reasoning to excuse their behaviour and justify things in their own mind. This doesn’t just apply to cheating, it applies to all sorts of behaviour.

Why men cheat…

The first thing I want to say is… women cheat too! Ok? I knew you were thinking it ;-p I don’t know or care who cheats more, there’s many cheaters in both sexes.

The reason my new book is titled Why Husband’s Stray, and NOT Why Women or People Cheat (as some people suggested), is because my experience as an escort for ten years meant that I dated hundreds of men many of whom were married or in relationships, so my personal experience is with cheating men.

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