The first thing I want to say is… women cheat too! Ok? I knew you were thinking it ;-p I don’t know or care who cheats more, there’s many cheaters in both sexes.

The reason my new book is titled Why Husband’s Stray, and NOT Why Women or People Cheat (as some people suggested), is because my experience as an escort for ten years meant that I dated hundreds of men many of whom were married or in relationships, so my personal experience is with cheating men.

Contrary to what some people think this book is not to slate men or make them look bad. It is actually the opposite. I want women to read this book and like and understand these men like I do.

I like challenging peoples perceptions and breaking stereo types. And those of you that have read The Girlfriend Experience will know that. Not only did I break the stereo types of escorts I also broke the stereo types of the men that booked escorts. Some were married or in a relationship when they saw me, out of those (don’t get me wrong) there were the clear a** holes that saw escorts for their ego and for kicks, but what I found most interesting is that there were guys who I genuinely liked and I could understand why they were cheating on their wives. And some of the tales were rather sad. Not that I am gullible and believe everything I’m told, but I dated a compulsive liar for 3 years so I am very good at spotting liars, and people who aren’t genuine.

I have stories currently that I am writing up for my book Why Husband’s Stray, but I do need more. It will be a series of short anoymous stories from guys who have cheated on their wives/partners, so if you are a guy and would like to help, please get in touch, and let me try to help women understand you!

Guys that have been involved in my book so far have actually found the experience very theraputic, because they are having to go back and think about their thought process before/during and after their cheating, which they didn’t do at the time and haven’t acknowledged or delved into since,  so if you get involved you might learn something about yourself 🙂

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