Here in 2015 I don’t believe there has ever been a time when so many women have celebrated success in the business world. It is truly inspiring.

In light of Womens Day, here’s my Top 10 Tips for Dating the Modern Woman.

What they want in a man is…

1. Go getter! A man who has goals and is working to achieve them, one who doesn’t have time to sit and watch TV, he prefers to read or watch Tony Robins on You Tube and is continually seeking to learn and grow.

2. Active – Healthy life style – There is a rise this year in people becoming more health conscious, some ladies even choosing to cut alcohol out all together in favour of eating, and drinking only things that nourish the body and mind, whilst maintaining their fitness at the gym, pilates or whatever floats their boat. These uber fit women are seeking like-minded healthy virile men.

3. Successful and passionate – this isn’t necessarily monetary related. It’s about knowing what drives you, what excites you, what makes you jump out of bed in the morning with enthusiasm and positivity. It could be work or a hobby or interest. Something that shows your determination and commitment and tells women you’re not a quitter.

4. Confident – Since the dawn of time women have sought confident men. A man who is secure with who he is, knows what he’s about, can hold his own in any social situation – he’s the one that will make his lady feel like his Queen, shower with compliments and push her to reach her goals –

5. Sexually adventurous – We don’t all want Mr Grey but women do want an element of spontaneity and experimentation to keep the spark. Find out what pushes her buttons and you will reap the rewards ten fold! –

6. Be clear about what you want – whether it be casual sex, an open relationship, monogamy, marriage, kids, let her know so she can choose whether to invest her time with you – Take the lead but not in a controlling way – women don’t want an indecisive man. Make decisions, and make plans, be a leader and showcase your Alpha side – it will make her weak at the knees! –

7. Let her shine – be confident in yourself that you seek always for her to shine –

8. Respect her as a woman/mother – Not all women are seeking to have children, many now choosing to lead a quality, happy and fulfilled life with their partner alone, and the flexibility and freedom that that allows. –

9. Respect her equally as a career/business woman – A secure man is one that can encourage and support a woman who is successful in business allowing her to flourish –

10. Good communicator – life’s too short and fast to mess about. If something is on your mind say it, deal with it, move on

Guys you have all you need right here for successfully dating the modern woman. If you want to know more… get in touch!