So what does your first drink on a date say about you?

Beer draft – I’m a proper lads lad, like my beer, like to go out with the boys OR I can keep up with the boys I’m a ladette, and on it like a car bonnet!

Beer bottle – I’m a respectable sort of chap and I prefer quality over quantity – draft beer in restaurants is never good!

Double spirit – I need some of that Dutch courage

Soft drink – I’m serious about looking for love

Water tap water – I’m a cheap skate

Water bottled – I’m a little bland and some say I’m a snob

Blow job, slippery nipple or sex on the beach – I’m a perv (you’re a creep too if you say it with a smile!)

Snake bite – I wanna fight!!

Long Island – One of these and I’ll be sorted

Mojito – I’m a very patient person and not that thirsty right now

Courvoisier – I think I’m a rapper. Just call me Fif T

Grey goose – I think I’m cool I hear the V.I.P’s and celebs order it by the bottle

Wine and shot – I’m a wine guzzling piss head extraordinaire on a mission to get legless

Large wine – I am a wine whore, but I don’t think I’m that bad I only have 6 glasses a night that’s about half a bottle isn’t it?

Standard wine – I like to play it safe, I enjoy wine but in moderation

Spritzer – I like my wine but don’t want to get too pissed so I water it down

Gin – I like a good drink, but I’m emotionally unstable. I have my highs and I have my lows

Champagne – I have too much money, or I’m pretending to

Cava/Prosecco – I’m fun down to earth but like my bubbles

Tequila – I’m a little crazy, but in a good way

Shot (general) – I’m not bothered about eating on a date. Eatings cheating innit?

I wonder what the First Dates crowd will be drinking this evening 😉