Delving more into the Christian Grey phenomenon is clear to see what his appeal is on so many levels. His way of showing Ana that she was special and different to the women he had before was him telling her she was the first…

  • Woman to sleep in his bed
  • Woman he slept next to
  • Woman he introduced to his Mum
  • Woman to be photographed with him

We are programmed from an early age that first is what we aim for with regards to achievements, so it’s a powerful word from a baby it’s all about our first words, first steps, first tooth, first day at school, first in the class, first boyfriend/girlfriend, first kiss – the first is always taught that it’s a special thing to be celebrated. Making it a powerful pull when it comes to attraction.

Which is why it’s a turn off for lady to go to a venue restaurant where they think many have been before, especially for a first date.

So what can you do? How to show a woman she is special – Tell her if she’s your first!

It could be that your lady is the first lady…


  • You write love notes to
  • You take away on a romantic break
  • Have phone sex with
  • You have allowed to meet your child (from a previous relationship)
  • You have spent Christmas day with and been away from your own family
  • You have stood up to your mother about
  • You have chosen to live with
  • You have asked to marry
  • You have given up your weekends for
  • Your mates have liked
  • You prefer without make up
  • You buy flowers for
  • You think looks beautiful first thing in the morning even with a hang over!

So if you want to make your lady feel special and let her know that your feelings are sincere then see how many ‘firsts’ you can do that will make her feel like the only girl in the world.

N.B. That doesn’t mean you try and convince her that a threesome would be special as it would be your first! This is about what she will find special and it’s about what she likes.