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30 September 2009, 13:54:04

For those of you that missed the programme you can now watch it here …


Thank you all for your feedback – there seems to be a common theme :))) some of the texts I’ve had are…

‘Just finished watching The Other Side thought you did really well. Carole Malone came across as a right b***h! Well done you!’

‘Just watched The Other Side, u came across really well. That Carole was a right b***h! And the monk was just odd! Well done honey!’

‘I have just seen The Other Side on video and you came across really well. Well done love! Can’t stand the mouthy blonde one! Good luck with everything’

‘Just watching now argh! That lady is annoying me, the presenter Tracey is a bit biased and that old frump on the couch! But you are coming across educated and calm. They are all very black and white apart from the priest on the right…’

‘Well done you looked ladylike and dignified and made your points clearly…’
I’ve had emails also from people I don’t know all very supportive and pretty much saying the same thing.

Thank you to everyone for your kind words XXXX