18 September 2009, 13:34:40

Yesterday I went to Birmingham for the second part of my filming. It went very well I think. Although as it was a debate, I think I was far too polite, waiting for people to finish before speaking, so I didn’t say as much as I’d have liked! Lol :))) John Stapleton hosted the debate and present were 2 open minded priests 🙂 Carole Malone journo for NOTW (grrrr), Linda Popadopolis psychologist regularly featured on This Morning, and Diane Abbott labour MP, fighting for the legalisation of prostitution.

The debate was about lust and prostitution and integrated in the debate will be my short film with Tracey Cox and a short film with a street prostitute.  I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and I thought everyone was really friendly and made me feel very welcome. I just need a bit more debating practice then I’ll be away and I’m sure I’ll be a force to be reckoned with! :)))

In the debate we discuss the dangers of women through prostitution, whether it right or wrong to lust after someone when you are in a relationship or married and infidelity. Watch out for the programme it’s on late – the early hours of Monday morning :-/