Ever see a hot girl and think to yourself, ‘I don’t know what to say to her’?

Stop thinking and do more doing. Thinking can be our worst enemy. The best conversations are those about the here and now. Why make things difficult for yourself by trying to be creative? It’s not needed and doesn’t help you in any way.

So you’re in a coffee shop and behind you is a hot chick, the obvious link here is coffee, so you can ask… ‘So which do you recommend?’ ‘What makes that one so good’ ‘I’ll have to give that one a try,’ ‘So is this your regular coffee shop?’ ‘Enjoy your coffee/day.’ Once you have already seen her and had a conversation with her then if you bump into her again you can give her some feedback about the coffee you had that she recommended and maybe ask about her day.

Why should you be uncomfortable talking about coffee? Take away the fear of rejection by not asking her out for now, just build confidence talking to hot women so that you see them as ‘normal people,’ which of course they are!

It could be you are out shopping and see a hot girl sitting down on a bench with shopping. You sit next to her (not too close) and say ‘it’s tiring work shopping isn’t it?’ Or it could be, ‘You look like you’ve had a successful day’. Then you can make something up as a bit of a conversation starter ‘I’ve got to find something for my 10 year old niece but I haven’t a clue what to get her… any ideas?’ People do love to help others so let her come up with some ideas.

You are not asking her out, so lose the fear of rejection!

Dating is all down to social skills and the more you talk to people that you don’t know the easier it becomes.

If you think too much about what to say when you speak it sounds unnatural, because it is.

If you look at confident men they feel at ease talking to anyone and that’s because they do it day in and day out. Make it a mission to talk to 5 new women every day, not just women you fancy but women in general. See how although we all look different we are all just women, and we all have our insecurities.

The more you talk to other people around you, especially those you don’t know this is how you get noticed by people and hot women.

Many years ago I went out with a guy who I couldn’t walk down a street without everyone saying hello to him everyone new him. You notice people that know everyone, and take the time to talk to everyone. The bin men knew him the people in the shops knew him, everyone in the street new him, from young to old. This is attractive for a woman to see how sociable a guy is and how respected and liked he is.

This came with him having a genuine interest in other people and taking the time to speak to everyone.

So how about the lady that serves your coffee? Do you take the time to ask her how she is and briefly converse with her? When you get your paper do you speak to the guy/lady on the stand and ask how their day is?

This is a good starting point with building connections and you will find that women notice you more and it’s the perfect foundations for dating the women you desire.

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