1. Skin Complexion

Smoking clogs your pores and aside from giving you a dulling complexion it can age you drastically and cause wrinkles

Drinking is high in sugar and excess sugar is bad for the complexion and can cause spots

 2. Smell Nicer

Smoking not only makes your breath stink but it also will stink out your car, clothes, house and everything!

Drinking excess sugar means that even if you clean your teeth regularly your breath still won’t be fresh and the sugar that rots in your mouth is present in the saliva formed even after teeth brushing

3. More Money More Dates 

Smoking is like burning money literally, so no excuse for not affording to date when you make a choice to buy cigarettes. A week at 20 a day could buy a meal for 2 somewhere special!

Regular drinking of alcohol is an expensive habit. Dating and avoiding alcohol will help you see if you genuinely like the person rather than judgement being cloud by booze

4. Without Poisons Energy Levels Increase

Both alcohol and smoking give your body temporary hits. Nicotine and alcohol will both give you a head rush which can seem like you have more energy however it quickly goes and you slump which is when you either reach for another cigarette or ‘hair of the dog’. To cleanse your system of both of these poisons you will feel your natural energy levels increase without stimulation

5. Better in bed – Increased fertility & Stamina

Smoking can decrease fertility in both men and women

Alcohol can affect both men and women making orgasm difficult, and for men there can be the unfortunate added effect of ‘brewers droop’

6. Vitality – feel good

Stopping one or both of these things will inevitably have a positive effect on your health and well being. The longer you can do it for them the better. Once you get past 4 weeks and you’re feeling great, you may find you no longer want to drink or smoke!

7. Increased social skills

Instead of being banished outside to mix with other smokers you will get to have uninterrupted chat with none smokers when you a out and about

The false confidence that drinking provides can be very unattractive to the opposite sex. It is a big turn off to be chatted up by someone who has clearly had too much to drink! Your conversation will be far more interesting if you aren’t under the influence

8. You May lose Weight 

Although smokers can find that they eat more – it’s a matter of eating low fat healthy snacks like raw carrots to avoid putting on weight

After a drink you are more inclined to eat junk either late at night or throughout the next day. Hence you have the high calorie intake of both sugary alcoholic drinks and junk food which inevitably means you will be at risk of being over weight and/or high blood pressure

9. More inclined to Keep Fit & Exercise

Without cigarettes your lung function will improve over time – meaning that your fitness levels will increase enabling you to endure more exercise

Increased energey levels through avoiding alcohol may encourage you to start exercising and the less time you spend in the pub or drinking at home the more time you can spend working out

 10. Wasted Days

Think of the days you take off your life by being a smoker and the time wasted over the years when you could have been doing something constructive. A pack of 20 could be an hour a day of puffing!

After excessive drinking comes the dreaded hangover how many days have you wasted feeling sorry for yourself in bed or on the sofa? You could be out and about and meeting the love of your life in the park or at B & Q. If you’re in a relationship then you’re more inclined to go out for the full day and do something fun if you’re both not hungover

So there’s 10 reasons why your love and sex life could be improved with Stoptober. If you need help with this I can help you using Hypnosis and/or NLP techniques.

Get in Touch with me Today and find out more.

I am happy to answer any questions you have about Hypnosis, as I am aware that, what you see on T.V (stage Hypnosis, Derren Brown), is very misrepresentative of Hypnotherapy.

Please bear in mind that any participants for T.V shows are very carefully selected.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful and effective way to address many addictions, fears and phobias.


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