Do you think that sex toys are just for women? Nope. They are for everyone!

If you have never tried a cock ring out, then I suggest you read on, as I’m about to explain how they work and what they can do to create an intense mutually satisfying experience.

Cock rings come in various materials including silicone, metal, rubber, plastic and leather. They can either be one ring to go over and rest on the base of the penis, or they can be 2/3 rings to include the balls.

They also come in different sizes, however the stretchy ones like the silicone should work for most average sized penises. The idea is that they are tight to restrict the blood flow, however they shouldn’t be uncomfortable and they shouldn’t be worn for extended periods of time. 30 minutes maximum is recommended.

They work by allowing the blood flow through to the penis, but not allowing it out, so be careful and don’t leave it on for too long.

The benefits of using a cock ring for intercourse are:

  1. It maintains your erection longer increasing stamina
  2. Keeps your erection mega hard
  3. More intense orgasm, some guys even report multiple orgasms!!
  4. Increases blood flow to your penis making it look rather impressive to your partner
  5. They can assist with erectile dysfunction

For heterosexual couples you can get cock rings made from silicone with a small vibrator attached. The small bullet vibrator is designed to sit on the top side of the penis so that during intercourse it sends waves of vibrations to her clitoris, and send you both into ecstasy!

If you fancy giving them a try I have found some great deals for cock rings on Love Honey this weekend.

I recommend Tracey Cox’s Edge Optimum Pleasure Vibrating Stamina Ring. It’s only £7.50 with 50% off.


For explosive orgasms for bothof you!

For explosive orgasms for both of you!