All the single ladies, all the single ladies lalalala…

Now is not a time to mope, singldom should be cherished and enjoyed! It’s what lots of people that are married and in relationships pine for.

Here’s 10 things to on Valentines Day to make you smile…

1)   Exchange Valentines day cards with a single girlfriend. It does feel good to know you are getting at least one card and you know it’s from someone that loves you, even though it’s not in ‘that’ way.

2)   Invite your single friends round for nibbles and wine. Think about inviting an acquaintance to broaden your social circle. Maybe it’s someone you work with that you know is single but haven’t socialized with before. If possible ask everyone to bring a single friend. Hopefully everyone will meet one or two interesting new people.

3)   Buy a bottle of wine and sit and watch your favourite feel good film. Try and avoid rom coms if they make you weepy and pining for a man!

4)   If you have a male single friend see if he’s free to have a drink so you get a testosterone fix. It’s healthy to have male friends even when you are single, as their conversation is different – there’s only so much talking about boys and shopping that one can do!

5)   Pamper yourself with a candle lit bubble bath, a chilled bottle of fizz and your favorite music in the background, and enjoy and appreciate your ‘me’ time.

6)   Invite a single girlfriend round for dinner and either cook, or get yourselves one of the Valentines meal deals to enjoy with the added bonuses of fizz and chocolates. Reminisce and talk about fun girl times.

7)   Buy yourself a colourful bunch of flowers and display and put them in a prime position. They will make you smile and who’s to say you can’t romance yourself on Valentines to make you feel good?

8)   Visit your Mum, Gran or an older close family member. Chances are they probably won’t be out on Valentines. If your Mum and Dad or Gran and Granddad are still together, reminisce with them how they met and enjoy and cherish their tales of romance.

9)   Do an exercise or dance class to get the feel good endorphins flowing. If the class is in the evening, the others there will probably be single too, so why not try a new class? One where you might find some eye candy.

10)  Have a night on the town at the bars and clubs. Ok, there are lots of couples (however they will mostly be dining and gazing longingly into each others eyes), but at least the singletons will be easy to spot. It’s the perfect night to go out!