Here is an interview I did for an Infographic on the G-Spot. I hope it sheds some light on the debate.

1) In your opinion, why does the G-Spot continue to prove such a fascinating subject amongst women and couples alike?

In most cases women are notoriously more difficult to please in bed than men. Men ejaculate easily and many women are left feel frustrated, with partners in some cases equally frustrated at not pleasing their women. The G spot is considered the holy grail of female sexual pleasure. People believe that once it’s found endless pleasure will ensue with multiple orgasms.

2) What are your thoughts on the conflicting findings of many scientific studies on the existence of the G-Spot?

Some people have a sensitive G – Spot and others not. Just like some women can orgasm through penetrative sex and others not, and some ladies squirt and others not. People seem obsessed with categorizing everyone as the same. For a percentage of women to believe it exists and have enjoyed the intense joys of the g-spot pleasure then it actually must exist, my only doubt is the levels of pleasure it can give from person to person. One theory is some may have little or no sensation and for others there could be fireworks, and this would explain the reasons why some believe it exists and others not.

The concept of the G-Spot entered popular culture after the publication of The G Spot and Other Recent Discoveries About Human Sexuality and it was criticized immediately by leading gynecologists. They denied its existence. Interestingly they changed their opinion after the G-Spot was demonstrated for their observation.

3) Do you feel that the difficulty some women face when trying to find their G-Spot is caused primarily by a lack of good sex education, or individual variation between women? Or something else entirely?

Women forget that they had to work up to clitoral orgasm, and everyone is different. They have to experiment and find out how they like to be touched, what level of pressure to use, and where, the pace and then they learn how to orgasm. You have to do the same with a G-Spot orgasm. You need to learn how your body responds to know what will work for you.

The important thing in my opinion is to not get too worried about it. The one way to ruin a good sex life is to focus too much on a sexual goal. The goal of sex should be to connect with your partner, through exploration of each other’s bodies and mutual pleasure whilst savouring the simple sensual sensations along the way. Yes, orgasms feel good, but there is much more to sex than orgasm. There are many ways to have orgasm without ever touching her g-spot, so it’s important not to get too hung up on it.

4) Many women who set out to explore G-Spot stimulation are intrigued by the prospect of new kinds of pleasure; they seek to explore their own bodies. While all women have a unique response to different kinds of stimulation, how do most women experience the sensation of G-Spot stimulation compared to clitoral stimulation? (In other words, what does it feel like?)

When the G-Spot is stimulated some ladies can find g-spot orgasms easy from penetrative sex. Those that have had G-Spot orgasms would say they are absolutely overwhelming and worth pursuing. They generally take about 20-30 minutes of stimulating and are intense but are much more generalized over your whole body instead of a local experience like the clitoris. They have been described as sudden extreme pleasure, sometimes followed by squirting. This is completely normal for women so one shouldn’t be alarmed. It’s not pee it’s a clear odorless secretion squirted from the Skene’s gland when the G-Spot is stimulated.

5) What are your thoughts on the plastic surgery procedure known as G-Spot augmentation? Medical authorities have already warned that there is no valid medical reason for performing the procedure, yet some women continue to undergo the treatment. Do you have an opinion on this?

My personal thoughts on this are that I’d stay away from all surgery down below unless absolutely necessary because the risks include sexual dysfunction. The G spot in my opinion is not the be all and end all to sexual pleasure; there are lots of other sensual areas to explore. We are all blessed with various erogenous zones around the body so there are lots of opportunities to find other ways to enhance sexual gratification.

6) You are regarded as an expert in the field of sexuality and dating, and have written several awesome books on the subject – in your experience, which sexual positions and techniques give heterosexual couples the best chance of stimulating the female G-Spot? Furthermore, do you have any advice for lesbian couples seeking the same thing? 

The G-spot is on the front wall of the vagina about 2-3 inches inside and feels soft and spongy but like a walnut in texture, shape and size, so positions like missionary with a pillow under her hips work well or with the woman putting her legs up and over her partners shoulder. Also rear entry AKA doggy style. It’s important for the woman to keep her face and head up and prop up on her elbows or hands. The man can change his penetration to hit the G-spot by pulling up on her hips and thrusting in a more downward motion. There are tantric positions, which stimulate the G-Spot; one being the ‘Rotated Woman’.

The Rotated Woman position offers excellent stimulation. To do it, the man lies flat on the bed and the woman lowers herself onto his penis facing backwards toward his feet. She then leans forward, slowly and carefully until she is lying on top of him. She stretches out her legs and puts her hands down by his feet. Then, she slowly does a ‘figure of 8’ motion with her hips or grabs his ankles to slide herself up and down. Because the woman is lying down at this angle, her vagina is pulled taut, which causes the penis to rub it tightly, hence the G-spot pressure. The woman is completely in control here and can set the pace and the depth of the motion.

For lesbians they would use the aid of a strap on, vibrator or dildo if they wanted to stimulate the area thorough penetration.

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