‘Tie and Tease’ is a mild but exciting way to explore bondage. Lightly tie your lover using either men’s or women’s ties. If you can’t use bedposts just tie wrists together. It doesn’t have to be escape proof – after all why would they want to escape?

Then blind fold them making sure they can see nothing. No peeping. No speaking. Leave the room and come back in after 5 minutes. The idea of tie and tease is that you don’t go straight on in for obvious sexual parts you tease and create a longing (excuse the pun 😉 .

You might want to try experimenting caressing, massaging, kissing, licking your partner. To break contact when they can’t see you, and reengage builds powerful sexual tension. You can experiment with different senses, try ice cubes, hot wax (…if pre agreed!) food – ice cream, yoghurt, smell using essential oils in massage, or intimate parts of your body, taste – aphrodisiac foods such as chocolate.

The idea is that you build up the intensity and drive them wild with wanting, before pleasuring them with penetration and/or oral sex.

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