Are we failing the new generation of children and young adults with the lack of factual information about sex, intimacy and relationships? In my opinion, absolutely! 

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Children are being educated by porn as young as 8 years old. We need to counteract the message they are receiving about sex from porn.

Aside from teaching children about their bodies and those of the opposite sex and  how to embrace and love their bodies instead of wanting to change or ‘enhance’ them, there’s also gender, sexuality issues, and and the bullying that can happen with people that don’t fit what many people view as socially acceptable. 

For me sex education it’s part of a much bigger picture – it’s about self esteem, self worth, confidence building, recognising Body dysmorphia and other mental health conditions that can affect how people view themselves and how they form relationships.

Also the education should be about looking at what constitutes as a healthy relationship, and how to avoid toxic relationships and noticing the signs of mental and physical abuse. 

There is no reason why Sex education in this wider scope can’t be brought into primary schools. 

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