I had an amusing encounter with someone at the weekend that is a serial cheater. He would have been great material for my book, but sadly I couldn’t get anything of use out of him.

What was interesting is that I could spot him as a cheater a mile off, yet he thought he was hiding it well. After dating hundreds of men as an escort I know they are easy to spot.  And I can sniff out BS a mile off ;-p

It transpired that he was incredibly insecure. And this is quite normal for cheaters. He said someone had cheated on him when he was 16 and he hadn’t been faithful since.

His wife went off with his best friend, but given his history since then it’s hardly surprising.  He must deep down be incredibly lonely.

On the front he was the barrel of laughs ‘I’m so happy I laugh every day’ bla bla, but underneath the surface he clearly wasn’t or he wouldn’t have to keep saying it to convince himself.

He wasn’t what you would call an attractive man and I think this was part of the reason he was insecure, but what he forgets is that women aren’t as shallow as men, I am attracted (like most people) initially by looks, but deeper attraction for me, is based on personality. He was very, very funny, so didn’t need to pretend to be anything to get women to like him.

It’s sad that he will never have a truly fulfilling loving relationship. This is what serial cheaters miss out on, they will always have a level of detachment, and they will never be able to fully appreciate or love another person, partly because they are scared of being hurt themselves.

He would have been great to help me with my book, but alas it was not to be.