January and February are the months that see divorce solicitors rubbing their hands together with glee, as they rake in the cash from the relationship catastrophes that are left in the wake of the New Year.


I do feel that guys particularly struggle when relationships end, because of their lack of support and the fact that they have been socially conditioned to bottle things up for fear as being seen as weak. This is one of the reasons the male suicide rate is so high – 8 out of 10 being male.


Not only can relationships break down because of undiagnosed mental health issues, they can also cause mental health issues. I know because I have been there. The only way to truly get over a relationship is to talk and seek support to work through the shattered confidence, anger, broken heart and fragile ego to name only a few of the emotional turmoils experienced when a relationship ends.


This is where I come in. Click this link to find out how I can help: https://thegreatbritishsexpert.co.uk/support-for-men/

Talking Therapy for Men