30 September 2009, 18:09:01

Last week I met a great guy Al Needham, Nottingham’s very own Mr Sex as he likes to be called :-/ I know it sounds a sleazy/cheesy name but he’s great fun and a very genuine and nice guy. The main editor of Left Lion (an edgy, controversial, popular, local magazine) James emailed me after I sent him a copy of my book suggesting I might like to take part in a free festival in Nottingham on the 3rd October. There they planned to have some readers and he suggested I joined forces with Nottinghams Mr Sex. I was apprehensive but it sounded interesting. Al has won an award for the best sex blog, his worthy prize being a big golden ‘todger’ for the mantle-piece :))) Check out his blog peeps it’s very funny and insightful…


As well as lots of live music and entertainment there will be a number of readings taking place and I will be talking with him on stage about my book on Saturday at the free festival in Nottingham at Canning Circus.


Al has also interviewed me for the November edition of Left Lion magazine… so keep a look out for that 🙂