book26 August 2009, 16:36:50

I’ve had a busy few days. Monday I had promotional photos taken for my agent so she can start finding me work. I was nervous because I’d been to see her the week before and she’d kindly arranged for Pat Wood to give me a fab new hair cut! Yes it really is true I have a different hair style!!! Wow wa woo wah I hear you say – about time 😉 It’s still long but it’s layered and I have a side parting and fringe. It took some getting used to and I’m still learning about styling it, but now I like it very much. Sooo Monday a photographer came to Nottingham and we did a variety of shots around the city and in a bar. I’ve just had the photos through and they look fab! I’m really pleased with them.

Yesterday I was with my agent in London for filming I’m doing for a new ITV show called The Other Side, discussing the 7 deadly sins. Of course the one I was involved in was Lust, and I got to meet the well respected sexpert Tracey Cox! We hit it off straight away and I could have spent hours chin wagging with her about her books/magazines and my life as an escort. Unfortunately we were there to work, but it didn’t seem like work being interviewed by Tracey it was just like girlie gossip. She’s very warm and down to earth and immediately put me at ease.

The second part of the filming will be a debate about whether it’s right or wrong for men to pay for sex.

The shows due to be aired in October… watch this space!