Hi Rebecca,
I just wanted to e-mail you to you to let you know how much i enjoyed your book. After first meeting you on Twitter , i have since enjoyed reading your blogs at your website & i knew i would enjoy your story.. But i only truly became aware of your unique world when you let me know about a television debate hosted by John Stapleton, which i watched with great interest, where you were subjected to questioning about your profession by a host of guests with a very stereotypical view of escorting. Your arguement was solid, concise, well founded & i felt you held herself elegantly during what seemed to be a very one sided debate. This compelled me to read your book, “The Girlfriend Experience” which i thought would educate me further  and lay to rest any doubts i may have about how an escort should be perceived.
I myself, do not read regularly, but without any effort became completely absorbed by your story & found it hard to put down. Aside of the fascinating subject matter, it becomes very apparent early on that you are a truly genuine person, warm, honest & that you took your profession very seriously. The book took me on a fascinating journey of your personal life, from childhood through to present day whilst cleverly interweaving your escorting experiences, which gave me a real insight into the business & how a true professional has survived & succeeded. Your sense of humour  leaps from the pages & keeps the reader entertained , but  as your story unfolds, began to admire your bravery, strength of character & the layout of each chapter invites you to question your own perceptions of what “The Girlfriend Experience” is all about.. Most importantly, even if not intended, this book also provides a real guide for anyone who may be considering a life in escorting, & i feel your knowledge could prove to be valuable reading for some.
On finishing your book, i felt educated, inspired & genuine affection for you as the authoress, you made me smile & think.. a good combination!
Hi i already have your book and its so brilliant I think your amazing and your site is fab really like the blogs aswell. I am following you on twitter please can you follow me back on
I also got a text message this morning from my salon owner friend Mel…
”Got a lady in at the minute she was here when you popped in once, she has read your book and loved it! She said it’s one of those books you can’t put down! She was reading it at every chance cus she’s got 3 kids lol, she said she found it very interesting and she thought it was surreal reading the stories after seeing you in here xx’
I also have new reviews on Amazon…
A lovely lady called Sarah added feedback about my book to this thread on my blog…
Thanks so much to everyone for their positive feedback, it’s very much appreciated 🙂 xxx