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I empathise with both parties in the Myleene Klass and Graham Quinn break up. Everyone is quick to judge without really knowing what the facts are.

Once again the ‘other woman’ is being blamed for a marriage split. When are people going to take responsibility for their own marriages and their success/failure? I realize it’s easy for people to blame the other woman, but do they not see that it is excusing any bad behaviour on the man’s part? There are still no solid facts that he was having an affair, at the moment it’s rumours, so he and Sarah Robinson are being unfairly judged.

A possible rumour that I read in one paper was that Myleene was sleeping with her children in her marital bed as well as Graham. If this story is true then I am not surprised he wanted out. Once children are in the marital bed, in most cases it’s a slippery slope to marriage/relationship destruction. Their sex life would be pretty much none existent.

Hopefully this wasn’t true.

However clearly there were problems in their relationship and it’s sad that they weren’t picked up on, addressed and dealt with. Many couples either both or one party, choose to put their head in the sand and ignore problems.

One of the biggest problems is lack of communication, and lack of awareness of the dynamics of the relationship. One should never get complacent. Just because there are kids it’s no excuse for not spending quality time together as a couple. Yes it’s difficult but you have to find a way. If you focus solely on the children and/or career your marriage will be in trouble eventually. I understand it’s difficult to juggle a career, kids and relationship, but for a successful relationship/marriage it’s imperative to find a way.

Your partner still needs to see you as a sexual, desirable being and not just a mother. Because once the intimacy and sex is gone you lose connection as a couple and if your partner isn’t seeing you in a sexual way anymore he will be looking at others in a sexual way.

So if, and I did say if, Myleene and Grahams relationship was lacking sex and intimacy, then it’s not surprising he was noticing Sarah Robinson, and probably other attractive women.

In the Daily Star Myleene allegedly labels all kiss and tell people scum bags. I haven’t seen the kiss and tell that Sarah allegedly did and haven’t been able to find anything online, so I’m not sure its even true.

Sarah is under fire for hiring Max Clifford, but what you have to remember is that she really had no option but seek guidance/help with PR, because the press was/is hounding her and her family.  Personally I have seen no interviews with her, so I don’t know how she can be accused of milking this situation. Her reputation is at stake so the more the press keep her in the papers and magasines about this matter she will eventually be left no option to speak out and tell her side of the story to defend herself and her reputation.

If a guy is married and he has an affair, it is his responsibility, because he is the one in a relationship, so if Graham has cheated then it’s him in the wrong and not Sarah.

It’s horrible for any high profile people to have to have their private life exposed for all to see and judge. It’s much worse when children are involved too.

Anyhow I hope that for all the families’ sake the press leaves them alone so that they can work things out and keep some sort of unity/friendship for the sake of their children.

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