Laura & Wes

They keep arguing then back together. Laura is gorgeous however she is coming across as insecure. She has been hurt in the past so her guard is still up. However this is a toxic relationship fuelled by lust. The buzz they get from making up is the glue that has kept them together for so long. Without the drama they would both lose interest. If he moves on Wes would be heading for potential drama with Megan because if someone better comes along or she gets bored as there’s no challenge anymore, she may move swiftly on.

Compatibility rating 4/10

Jack & Dani

I absolutely love Dani she is beautiful inside and out. She tells it like it is and gives great advice (as does Laura) .You can tell she’s been hurt and has trust issues from the past. Jack seems a nice enough chap, I only hope he’s not getting with her because of who her dad is. It seems genuine however time will tell. As a couple they get on well and understand that it’s about team work. That’s what a healthy relationship is all about, that and communication, both they have down to a T. Jacks working hard to prove to Dani that he’s not like other guys, and that is keeping him on his toes.

Compatibility rating 9/10

Georgia & Josh

He fell for the standoffish keep on your toes, hot cold, banter, it was a challenge for him. In the Pick up Artist world this is known as the push/pull strategy. Beautiful, bubbly Georgia has this technique nailed, most likely unconsciously. It’s a very powerful tool for building attraction, which is why he’s head over heels. Because this is how he fell for her I don’t know if he will lose interest now she has bravely put her cards on the table. They are well matched though as they both like to have fun and he loves her cheeky side.

Compatibility rating 8/10

Adam & Zara

I know Adam has been considered a bit of a rogue, however I do like him and lets face it he is very easy on the eye. It is important to remember that this is a game show. He likes the fact that Zara’s stand-off’ish too it keeps him on his toes. For him he needs the chase. With Rosie everything was so easy, he said the right things and got what he wanted. With Zara he’s not sure what to say however he knows that she will be a challenge to lay. I’m not sure how much patience he has, especially if someone else comes in the villa. I think he has a sweet spot for Ellie.

Compatibility rating 3/10

Samira & Sam

I love exotic looking Samira, however as Dani pointed out she’s clueless when it comes to boys and flirting. I would expect that she frequently finds herself friend zoned, and that’s where she’s heading with Sam! Calling a guy cute, and baby cakes is insulting his masculinity and not doing the coy girly thing (that Megan does so well) of looking from under her lashes, and playing with her hair, will mean if he hasn’t already he will very soon be seeing her as a sister or friend and definitely not a lover!

Compatibility rating 4/10

Alex & Ellie

Lets face it there was so much pressure for Alex to crack onto the next female that entered the house that is was so forced and unnatural. Alex came across as the desperate eager beaver, and Ellie felt that under the pressure she had to give him a chance, that and probably a nudge from the producers 😉 She had maybe thought that sexual attraction might grow, however although in some cases it can, it’s impossible to grow in such a short space of time, and under such pressured conditions. I do like Alex you can tell he’s a good guy however they haven’t put anyone in the villa that is compatible with him yet, which is unfair really.

Compatibility rating 1/10