I was asked to comment for today’s Sun newspaper as to whether I agree with scientist’s findings that the G Spot doesn’t exist. My answer is no I do not agree. Myself and millions of women who have experienced the G Spot orgasm and squirting will also disagree. However for arguments sake lets call it a ‘sweet spot’, which kills the debate altogether.

As a Sexpert I have taught many men and women how to enjoy the pleasures of the sweet spot which can result in a very different and intense orgasm, specifically internally. The G Spot or ‘sweet spot’, whatever you want to call it, is a textured roundish area about 2.5 inches inside the vagina on the front wall. It’s very easy to find with fingers and you know when you have it as you may get an urge to pee.

When this area is stimulated and massaged with either a vibrator or fingers this can lead to orgasm and sometimes what’s known as squirting, where fluid is ejaculated from the urethra.

Sex toys for the ‘G Spot’ have a slight curve at the end designed to bend inwards to massage the G Spot. There would not be such a big market for these toys if the G Spot didn’t exist. I teach all about the ‘G Spot’ in my Ultimate Pleasure Taster classes in Nottingham.

I have various G Spot massagers and vibrators starting at £9.99 to premium USB chargeable vibrators for £39.99. If you want advice on these or you have any questions about this sweet spot then send me an email via my contact form and I would be happy to help.

I don’t think we need to keep having this debate or discussion about the G Spot. If scientists are struggling to find it, I’m glad I’m not their wife or girlfriend, I’m just happy I know where mine is and what to do with it.

In summary, I am not having a scientist tell me what I and many women experience, is a myth! The pleasure speaks for itself