A recent article reports (see link below) that California are considering a bill to ban adult actors from working without condoms in their state.


Why in this day and age are people still averse to wearing them? I am by no means blaming the men, as many women don’t want men to wear them or aren’t bothered about them.

I think people are more reckless and impatient nowadays and are seeking more thrills so infidelity and promiscuity are rife.

People are never satisfied always wanting more, some enjoy the added thrill of being caught cheating. They have an attitude of ‘If I get an STI I can get it sorted’, and many people don’t get themselves checked out if they don’t have symptoms.

Some think that if porn stars don’t use condoms then it must be ok because the misconception is that porn stars sleep with hundreds of people.

They are regularly checked and very often only sleeping with people in the biz and their partner if they have one. Escorts considered dirty yet when I worked as an escort one client of mine accused me of giving him an STI when a condom split, in fact his wife had been having an affair with a guy at the gym and he’d caught something off her. I was clean. I think with programmes like Ex on the Beach disrespecting women and promoting women as sex objects this fuels promotes promiscuity and recklessness.

Sadly society’s finding infidelity more and more acceptable with all the high profile cheating celebs that stay with their partners, so they don’t care if their partner finds out they have cheated and have an STI, because there is no long term consequence to their actions.

Aside from porn and equally if not more important is that basic terrestrial TV and most Hollywood films rarely show condoms in sex scenes. I can only assume that it is because they feel it will interrupt the scene, ‘lose something’ and waste precious time.

So how can you expect people in real life to not feel the same? If condoms were promoted in all sex scenes on TV it would start to become the norm to expect it. It’s irresponsible not to show them.

Pornography means that men think that all women love being banged hard, cum on their face and that all women come through penetration and like it rough. It promotes the satisfaction of men and not women. Guys if women don’t groan think they aren’t enjoying the sex.

As a former escort there would be women that offered bareback sex (BB), and guys that would book them for that reason and others that would avoid for that reason. It’s not often I got asked, because guys knew the girls that offered it. Escorts that use protection are generally cleaner than your average girl on the street who goes out at the weekend for one night stands.

I feel it is the responsibility of the TV and film companies, to consistently show condom use or the suggestion of them, in every consensual sex scene, only then will more people start to use them.


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