A recent female dating advice client wanted to know if a guy liked her… she said she hadn’t had sex with him, so in her mind she convinced herself that he liked her.

However he didn’t take her out or invite her out, he only ever visited her at her home, constantly tried to have sex with her and in between seeing him she never heard from him.

This guy saw having sex with her a challenge however she misinterpreted this as him really liking her. I also suspect he was already in a relationship.

Are you in a similar quandary?

Firstly ladies take off your rosy tinted glasses and trust your instinct. Try to take a step outside of your situation and look in from another persons view. What do you see? What advice would you give to a friend in your situation?

Here are some tips to know if a guy likes you…

1)   He will give you his quality time at a weekend

2)   He will text you randomly, and it won’t always be sexual

3)   He will be proactive and ask to see you and it won’t always be at 11pm!

4)   You haven’t had sex with him but he’s sticking around and not constantly trying it on

5)   He’s introduced you to his mates

6)   He’s cancelled plans with his mates when you’ve been in need

7)   He contacts you when he’s out with the boys

8)   He compliments you and makes you feel good, he doesn’t put you down

9)   He offers to help you when you tell him you are struggling with something

10) He wants to spend time out and about with you – not just home visits!

If he’s not doing most of the above, he’s not that into you. Don’t be mad at him, we can’t be liked by everyone, just move on and invest positive energy with people who do like and respect you; rather than negative energy wondering what you have done wrong, otherwise your confidence will be knocked. People have all sorts of thing going on in their lives that they don’t communicate, so it’s not helpful to assume their lack of interest is always about something you have specifically done.

 Contrary to popular belief it’s usually them and NOT you!