Kelly Brook is engaged to David McIntosh. The photographs of them together are so telling, and yet Kelly seems blissfully unaware of his body language and signals. Could this be why she has been unlucky in love?

Reference and photos: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2588285/Kelly-Brook-confirms-engagement-David-McIntosh.html

Photo one shows David with a fake smile, which doesn’t reach his eyes, his hand is draped in a loose fashion over Kelly’s shoulder which is a very casual gesture and not one which shows any connection or love for a newly engaged couple. His body is facing directly towards the camera without being even slightly turned towards Kelly is another sign of detachment. This photo mirrors the old photos of Danny and Kelly. Kelly is the complete opposite, smiling genuinely, using her eyes, her body and face turned inwards towards her man. Her feelings for him are genuine, however his are not.

The second photo(see via link) reminds me again of the photos of Kelly with Danny, if you take Kelly out of the photo there is no clue in his body language that he is walking with a companion! This time Kelly’s smile is forced and his attention is elsewhere.

The paper around his mouth in the third photo suggests he feels exposed and is trying to hide something. Could he be worried he might get sussed out for being a fake? Could he be having doubts about the engagement?

Photo 4 David looks unsure and uncomfortable. They likely had a tiff or disagreement and are both trying to hide the fact. Whatever it was Kelly, at this moment, is the more confident of the two.

The photos at the bottom of the article showing them shopping shows submissive and eager Kelly trying to catch up with David’s long stride to be side by side with him and look like a couple. Again take her out of the photos and he’s on his own, there is no connection to Kelly whatsoever.

Only 7% of communication is verbal so with this is mind it’s imperative to not get hung up on ‘words’ – it’s actions, body language, tone of voice and behavior.

I really hope Kelly susses this one out before she heads down the isle!

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