The Daily Telegraph reports that The Catholic Church believe Italian Mum’s are sabotaging their son’s marriages.


Women have to take the blame for Mummy’s boys’ because they are formed through their own selfishness, neediness and jealousy. They are insecure women scared of not being needed and not wanting to let go. Women that instead of finding friends, hobbies and interests to enrich their later life, choose to never let go of their children and dedicate an unhealthy amount of time to them once they are over the age of 21.

For a woman a Mummy’s boy is a huge turn off. Many of the guys become eternal bachelors’; others struggle to maintain healthy, happy relationships and marriages.

Naturally women are maternal and being a ‘Mum’ is a role that many women unconsciously become on some level with their partner regardless of whether they have children. Often the man is joked about as ‘another child’. Especially for women who are solely home keepers and/or parents. As independent as women are today I believe that we are starting to revert back to more traditional values and roles.

This means that inevitably women will clash with the mothers of Mummy’s boys. The result being either they endure a stressful relationship with arguments a plenty, or they end the relationship to find a man whom they can fulfill their nurturing role with without interference.

Mummy’s boys are seen as cowards as usually they don’t want to upset their Mum by having a differing opinion. This also shows a weak will. They are usually incompetent when it comes to cooking, cleaning and washing, therefore seen as not being independent. None of these things are attractive to women. Although we naturally nurture we do want a man to be able to be self sufficient when needed.

How to Know if you are a Mummy’s boyIf 2 or more of these apply to you, it’s time to consider how this is affecting your love and sex life  …

1)   You live with your mum or very close by

2)   Delivers you home made meals

3)   She comes to your house to clean or cleans your room if you live at home

4)   Washes all your laundry and irons it regardless of whether you live at home

5)   She criticizes your girlfriends for their parenting/housekeeping/cooking

6)   You speak almost every day

7)   You see her almost every day

8)   She doesn’t like your girlfriends/wife/partner and tells you so

9)   You’re 20+ and she still buys things for you

10) She cuts your hair

11) She manages your finances

12) She gives you money

If this is you,  what should you do?

If you’re happy with your love life and happy in general then you don’t need to do anything. However bear in mind that sadly our Mum’s are not around forever.

Here is my relationship advice:

If you want to have successful healthy, sexual relationships, it’s time to stand up and be a man. Start saying no to your Mum – express yourself when you disagree. Don’t give in to emotional blackmail. If you are in a relationship then support your wife or partner, be united as a couple. Become self-sufficient, learn how to cook, clean and do laundry. Move out. Become independent. Keep in contact however spend less time with your Mum and on the phone to her. If she is ill this is a different ball game, of course don’t neglect her, but make sure you are not over doing things unnecessarily. Let her know that you love her, just that it’s time for her to let go of the apron strings and encourage her to engage in activities, find a club or interest.

Women want a man who can provide for them, so showing your independence through having your own place and being self-sufficient will mean that you become attractive to women as a potential partner.