When is the ‘right time’ to have sex? There is no one size fits all (scuse the pun) it is different from person to person. All I will say is that you shouldn’t feel pressure to have sex, sex should be something you do only when it feels right for you and when there is consent without pressure for all parties.

Anyone that pressures you is not going to be a sensitive lover, they only care about their own gratification. One thing to consider is the reasons why you want to have sex. I’ve talked about this in my last blog. I had self esteem issues which led to me being very promiscous as a teenager, something I regret now.

Are you having sex to feel ‘loved’ and accepted and as a temporary ‘feel good’ fix, or are you considering having sex because you are with someone who respects you and someone you want to explore intimacy with at a pace that is comfortable for both of you?

Think about it and when you’re ready make sure you have safe sex and use a condom. Always. Remember the pill does not protect you from STD’s.

If you’re not ready for sex and want to try other options for penetration. Have your fella try arm pit sex or thigh sex… or how about let him masturbate between your bum cheeks or breasts 😉

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