Infidelity Liam Gallagher ‘is sued for millions by music writer who accuses him of fathering a secret love child with her’

Reports the Daily Mail…

As the latest Infidelity claim hits the news, are we surprised?

If the Daily Mail facts are correct he fathered a child with Lisa Moorish a week after he married Patsy Kensit.

The not so subtle clues are all there that this guy is a serial cheat. What I don’t understand is why women then think it won’t happen to them, and after knowing what they are letting themselves in for they get involved with these type of guys and father their children.

Because of Liam’s job he is high risk as a serial cheat. He’s a rock star! That’s part and parcel for a stereotypical rocker – the women, the sex, the drugs and booze.

What is sad is that there are now 4 children in the mix, and what message and example is it setting for them for their future relationships?

Gene his son with Nicole is just about to start secondary school and will most likely be going through puberty, which will be a difficult time for him. The last thing he needs is to be dealing with the repercussions of his Dad’s infidelity. A break up at this time he be particularly challenging for him.

For Liam it’s all about living in the now and living life to the full, at the cost of everyone who cares about him and loves him. It’s completely selfish and reckless behaviour.

I hope this mess is sorted out with minimal disruption to his children.