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I wonder if Kelly has ever watched that film Hes Not That Into You

Look at the body language in the photos below. In both photos he is making sure that he is not connected to Kelly in any way. It’s all Kelly trying to drape herself over him and maintain some sort of contact. You could take her out of either photos and it would look like he was on his own. In the last photo it looks odd and uncomfortable for her that he doesn’t have his arm around her.  He’s put his arm behind him in an attempt to gently encourage Kelly’s arm away and avoid being pulled in. It’s showing he would be quite happy on his own in either scenario. He’s implying that Kelly’s presence is irrelevant to him. His torso is towards the camera, showing he’s confident to the point of arrogance, independent and loving the lime light. His smile is forced, fixed and fake in both photos. In this instance this suggests he’s not a genuine person.

When there is a connection you both lean into each other and sometimes mirror each other. See the post I did here on Millie Mackintosh and Professor Green. Spot the difference? Now that is a couple in love. These guys are a world apart.

Kelly’s obviously hurting but calling and texting Danny’s women is not productive. They don’t care about him, so they won’t feel the hurt Kelly is feeling. In fact by messaging his other women she is detracting away from the real problem – Him! She is fueling her own anger and hurt.

The best thing she could do now is walk away and never speak to him again, but I doubt she will because she wants to change him and believes she can. After all it’s not Danny’s fault he can’t resist sexting other women is it, it’s those pesky women!

Some people are just cheats and he is one of them – he will never be satisfied with one woman and will always want more.

Kelly seems to enjoy the drama (as she’s gone back for seconds with Cipriani), which may be due to an old script pattern that she is running from years ago. It seems she’s never spent more than a few months on her own which would suggest insecurities.

When she gets a decent guys it seems she’s not satisfied – Jason Stathan (probably the most good looking guy on the planet!), was ditched for Billy.  Another decent and hot guy Thom; he and her ended things and she went back to Danny. If she is with someone who can offer her stability, it seems she runs away, possibly because she eventually gets bored without drama.

Kelly’s cryptic tweet which has since been deleted:

‘I often wonder if more girls were willing to be ladies, would more guys feel challenged to be gentlemen?’

This completely puts the blame of Danny’s infidelity on other women. Kelly all these women have done is show you what sort of person Danny is! They did you a favour.

How about this: A real gentleman could have the hottest women in the world come on to him but he would turn her away because he only has eyes for the woman he loves.

Ex’s are ex’s for a reason. Danny has shown all the signs of being an immature little boy. However for some women there is a strange pull to these manchilds – it triggers our desire to nurture and to fix.

Danny will not change. Period. He’s a serial love rat, so Kelly needs to either put up and shut up, or run as far away as she can.

Kelly is a stunning woman I hope she starts to believe her own self worth, has some self-respect and dumps his cheating ass!


Calm before the storm: Kelly posted this photo of the couple in Turkey just over a week ago - which has since been deleted


It's over... again: Kelly Brook and Danny Cipriani, pictured in London in June, have reportedly split up for the second time