Lord exposes Sir Fred Goodwin super-injunction in Parliament – The Daily Telegraph

One side…

A man thinking with his nether region can be dangerous; Rationality and consequence go out of the window, and to be making big decisions he will not have been thinking clearly, because sex, especially in the context of an affair, will be giving him the thrill and excitement and cause major distraction.  His mind will be wandering to sex even more than usual. A man thinking about extra marital sex and acting upon sexual urges has a complete lack of self-control, and shouldn’t be making any big decisions that could prove wreckless. Because the affair was in his work place, his mind may never have been 100% on the job. This isn’t the case for all men, it depends on the individual – but it can happen.

However on the flipside…

If he’s not getting sex at home, there will be a build up of sexual tension and frustration, and in this state he is also likely to make bad decisions at work. Which is worse??

The decision making in both scenarios could be affected but in different ways. The affair side… he may make quick impulsive decisions without thinking clearly about consequence. If he isn’t getting sex at home, he could make quick impulsive decisions because of his frustration and anger; which will mean he is in a negative frame of mind when making decisions. Neither is a good thing.