I had a fabulous X rated girls night a while back where we talked sex and sauciness, and I asked the ladies to anonymously write down their fantasies and here’s what I discovered…

Women’s Top 5 Sexual Fantasies

It’s important to remember that fantasies don’t mean that the person wants to explore them in ‘real life’, some just like to keep them as fantasy.

What is clear to me is that us British Strumpets are definitely more grey than green!

My results are showing I was right to predict the second coming of the forgotten Alpha male this year. Women are realizing that the Metrosexual man who’s into extreme ‘equality’ and obsessive about their looks lacks the excitement, testosterone and pro activeness in the bedroom!

  1. A threesome with another woman (known as MFF in the sex industry world) was top of the list. The idea of exploring the touch of a woman, which is the complete contrast of a man’s, is extremely appealing. Some women just want their man to watch and others to join in by mutually agreement if boundaries have been agreed and discussed prior to acting out the fantasy.
  1. A threesome with another man (known as a MMF) was a close second place for the saucy devils. Usually this is in the form of two heterosexual men who pleasure woman individually without interacting on a sexual level with each other. For women this testosterone feast can be very appealing, especially for more submissive women, because there is never a shortage of hands, cocks, mouths to satisfy her, whereas one on one sex you are limited with sometimes only being able to do one thing or another, multiple people ensures no end of possibilities. Again one to make sure boundaries have been discussed and agreed before indulging.
  1. Exhibitionism Having outdoor sex was next on the list. Oooo matron! Obviously this isn’t always practical and can end up in arrest so it’s one to consider the time and place. Sex outdoors takes us back to our younger years when sex outdoors was pretty much the only place you could do it if you lived with your parents. Those were carefree days, so it takes us back there. The risk of being caught and being naughty fuels our rebellious side, and certainly keeps things spiced up!
  1. Role Play was the next fantasy it can be great fun whether it’s school girl and head master, secretary and boss, doctor and patient. The most extreem Role play that popped up was robber/intruder. It’s surprisingly more common than you would think. Again it’s adding a danger, edge to sex in a controlled environment with someone you trust. This is another testosterone fuelled encounter which gets the adrenaline going. The idea being the lady is in bed and their partner breaks into the house as a pretend ‘robber’ and forces himself on his partner in the bedroom. Again this one is one to be discussed and boundaries agreed before hand including a ‘Safe word’. How far people choose to take this varies, ranging from not realistic in the slightest – just mild role play fun, to realistic scary with stocking on his head, extreme force and pretend weapons!
  1. Domination Again what’s clear is that women want men to take control in the bedroom, and to excite and surprise them. Push their legs apart and ravish them. Pin their arms down as they thrust and satisfy their needs on a raw, carnal level.